I have been returning, over the years, to the same locations to shoot. If it weren’t for the data embedded in the file, I often wouldn’t be able to tell when they were taken. Except for the pictures I took in the Autumn of 2008.

That was a splendid season. It was the last autumn we had that wasn’t a rain out. Last year and this one we almost made it. But then came the rain to wash the leaves away.

In honor of our usually best, but never long enough season, these are pictures of peak color by the canal and River Bend Farm, October 2008.

Maybe we’ll get another great autumn, though it’s beginning to seem doubtful. For three successive years, we’ve had two hurricanes, and a huge unnamed storm. Since 2009 it’s been one natural climate event after another. Is it going to be hurricane season rather than foliage season? It’s worrisome.

Let’s hear it for 2008 … a vintage year when the trees all looked like they were lit from within. The best of Autumn.