Introducing Kaity Michelle’s Photography

Okay, she’s my granddaughter, but even so, ever since I gave her a camera when she was maybe 11? She’s been getting better and better until finally, I realized she needed a real camera and thus inherited my Canon, then got the next lens for the following Christmas. This is the first time she has “gone public” with her photography being rather shy … but she’s got a good eye. If she’s this good at 16 and keeps at it, she will be even better in years to come.

Of all the gifts I ever gave her, the cameras are the ones about which I am most pleased. Photography is something that as a hobby or more than a hobby becomes part of your life. You never outgrow it; you never get too old to enjoy it.

You will find Kaity Michelle’s Photography on Facebook. Please take a moment to go look.

Sometimes grand-parenthood is satisfying indeed. This is one of those times!!

12 thoughts on “Introducing Kaity Michelle’s Photography

    1. Just her facebook page. She tried a blog, but she wasn’t ready to deal with all the stuff involved … I think she’ll get there. You can view her page on FB as a visitor without signing up. Or so I believe. She’s pretty good, sometimes a lot better than that. Needs the technical stuff she’s avoiding, but I figure she’ll get there. I don’t want to pressure her and potentially drive her away.


      1. Thanks for the infomation! And keep up the great work. I think we’re about to have snow, so we’re going to have to get our boots on and go shooting again!


  1. Our Kaity definitely has a gift!! And, yes, I am so very proud!! I’ve checked out her page and left comments AND I emailed her. I even suggested she might become a “legend” like Gramps.


    1. And shooting with her is a real pleasure … Nice to be able to share a grown up activity with a grand child!! That’s the good side of having been such young mother. Maybe it WAS worth it.


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