Side door at Symphony Hall

cropped-75-basketshp-1.jpg75-XmasStatehouseHP-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Old South Church steepleFilling the balconies75-BeginningToLookHP-1Doggy Christmas

Across the Common to Copley Square

Tree Topping

The Choir is ready

Boston Commons and Statehouse-HP-1

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Marilyn Armstrong

A friend told me she never knows what I’m going to write about. It’s always a surprise. Truth is, I don’t know what I’m going to say until I say it either. I am always surprised. I love my computers and cameras, yet hate cell phones. Go figure. Serendipity is a very apt name. Whatever you aren't looking for, you'll find it here. I'm a reader, a photographer, amateur historian. I've been around a while, so I have an Old Person perspective thing happening. Which doesn't prevent me from having an insatiable hunger for gadgets, electronic toys, and traveling when we can.

3 thoughts on “Cheers!”

      1. I am in Illinois and have seen the the Chicago Symphony and some great orchestras at Ravinia Festival, but never Boston Pops. Perhaps they will make the Festival season some year.


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