Happy New Year! Bye bye 2012 … Welcome 2013!

2013 is finally here and I, for one, bid a less than fond farewell to 2012!

Here are the First Night fireworks from Boston to bring in the 2013 with a bang!!

May your year be peaceful, healthy, happy, and uneventful!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Bye bye 2012 … Welcome 2013!

  1. I actually went to several of the NY New Year’s Eve things. A couple of times for work and once on my own dime. Shirley MacLaine never showed up to kiss me and I couldn’t hear Auld Lang Syne — IF they were playing it. The crowds smelled of booze, regurgitated cheer and needed hygiene. You’re better off watching it on TV!!


    1. I always watched the Times Square thing on TV and knew it was not for me. I hate large crowds, was sure someone would puke on me and/or lift my wallet. This is why television was invented: so we don’t have to really GO there.


    1. I’m glad they did them early. More coming up at Boston Harbor if you can get this on your local NBC channel. The Harbor fireworks are usually wonderful. We’re big on fireworks up here.


        1. Even when I lived in New York, I was never tempted to actually go there. Who needs to be in the middle of tens of thousands of drunks while freezing outside?


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