Meet Harry Dresden … and Jim Butcher

Cold Days - FrontThis is the “not official” but incredibly cool video for Jim Butcher‘s “Cold Days.”

This is the Harry Dresden I have always seen in my mind’s eye … as opposed to the TV version. Tall, with his rings, his staff, the leather duster, the Pentacle he always wears.

If only they could make a mini series or movie with this Harry … I can dream!

Totally cool and not nearly long enough!

And now, a few words from the author:

4 thoughts on “Meet Harry Dresden … and Jim Butcher

  1. I’m a Dresden “newbie”. Haven’t read the books and have only recently seen the TV series after being nudged by Marilyn. I like what I’ve seen and look forward to more. Marilyn obviously is the “go to” person for all things Dresden here.


    1. If it comes from or resides in another dimension, parallel universe, alternate timeline, other planet, is essentially mythological, immortal, drinks blood, casts spells and/or talks to the dead … I’m your gal! Or if it took place in the 14th century. Sometimes I think books are more real to me than what passes for reality.


  2. Thanks for posting our little video! We ARE hoping to make a series out of these. After all, Jim himself enjoyed it, and this is just the tip of the ice berg! Hit me up if you ever want more details!


    1. I have seen too many great books mutilated by Hollywood and/or TV. A series that’s true to Jim’s work is a thrilling thought. I would be delighted to know how it’s going … and if you like, I’ll happily write it up and put it out there. I am not a cyberspace superstar, but I have a decent following. I’m have always been a writer, but not an author. Different skill set. Above all, I’m a passionate reader since I was very young. I read dozens of books a month on audio and in print. I’d read more, but I have to sleep or go out sometimes. More info would make me really happy.


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