“We Saw Your Boobs” — A Great Night for Oscar

Okay. This is the first Oscar show I’ve ever seen that was really funny. Seth McFarland was good. “We saw your boobs” must be the funniest song to ever open the ceremonies.

Otherwise, it was an interesting year. A couple of expected wins — Daniel Day-Lewis as Best Actor for Lincoln and Argo for Best Picture — but Life of Pi, which nobody picked as the big winner of the evening did very well … and Lincoln didn’t do nearly as well as expected. Overall, they spread the goodies around … and managed to produce a genuinely entertaining broadcast.

Playing the theme from Jaws when Oscar recipients wouldn’t shut up was hilarious and they physically ejected at least one awardee.

The show still ran past midnight, and here I am to tell you about it … at nearly 1 in the morning

It was good. I didn’t expect it, but it was really excellent. Just when I was about ready to give up, they went and made it better. And Michelle Obama giving the Oscar for best picture? How cool was that?

I need to mention the Grey Poupon advertisement. This is great stuff.

Not only the funniest Oscar opening, but the best advertisement in many a long year. Have fun and sleep tight.

15 thoughts on ““We Saw Your Boobs” — A Great Night for Oscar

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  2. Well, I never watch the Oscars but judging from your post if I ever were to watch one, I just missed it! The opener was hilarious. Did you notice some of the reactions from the audience…some of the ‘ladies’ did not seem to care for it at all! Um-m-m? Was he singing about one of them? The Grey Poupon commercial was a hoot! Of course, they always were! Thanks for sharing :lol:


    • These were the best oscars I’ve ever seen … and I’ve been watching them my whole life. Garry and our friends here in connecticut thought so too. We laughed a LOT. It was a lot of fun. And we’ve gotten to see all the nominated movies that we wanted to see except Les Mis, finishing Life of Pi now.


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  4. It’s become fashionable to “dump” on the Oscars. Much of the criticism has been valid. The show, over the years, became a big, stale elephant. I’m one of the old die hard movie fans from the vintage years when Bob Hope reigned as emcee and the audience was packed with legends like Wayne, Lancaster, Stewart, etc. So, I was very pleasantly surprised by Seth McFarland from the very first moment of last night’s Oscar show. The Seth-Shatner bits and “We saw Your Boobs” number were hilarious. McFarland was sharp, funny and respectful throughout the show. He showed great versatility right down to the closing, credits song and dance number. My Wife, Marilyn, has very nicely reviewed the body of the show and I echo her sentiments. I hope they bring Seth back next year. They also need a bigger hook!!


    • No, he didn’t steal it. The only thing they have in common is the word “boobs.” I watched your production. It isn’t the same song. It isn’t really a song. It isn’t funny, clever, or well-done. Good luck in court.


  5. I never watch this usually .. but somehow felt this year it would be different: better. And from I saw this was the best Oscars presentation ever. Bravo!!


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