21 thoughts on “Toni 16 Toy Filter

  1. I had this same doll with strawberry blonde hair!!! Is it called a Toni doll? I have been trying to find out what “brand” of doll it was for years…I’m so sorry I don’t still have it. Don’t know what happened to it. I always wanted to grow up to look like this doll and in time, I did end up having strawberry blonde hair–at least my boss always said so. I figure I willed it so. Amazing. I have never seen another one.


    1. Yes, Toni. She was my second doll, gotten from my mother on my sixth birthday. She was made by Revlon, cross marketing with the Toni home permanent wave kit. She came with lots of different outfits and at least half a dozen colors of hair (wig).

      These dolls were incredibly popular and I have at least a dozen. I’ve been trying to rehome a few of them. Would you like one? I’m serious.


      1. Mine didn’t have wigs, but that was definitely her face and it sounds familiar that she was a Revlon doll. She was a little chubbier than other dolls–more like a little girl than a woman, like other dolls.For some reason it seems like mine came with ice skates. is that possible? These images just swirl through my head.
        How is it that you have so many? Maybe I could trade you for a doll I found in an antique store…I believe I have a native American doll in buckskin that you might like to go with your turquoise collection!! Let me have a look. I also have some really wonderful handmade Mexican dolls from different cultures. They are small but lovely.


        1. I don’t know that she came with ice skates, but there were a lot of after market outfits for her, almost as extensive as today’s Barbie dolls, so it’s possible at least one was a skating outfit. There were also many patterns on the market for clothing for her. My aunts used to sew outfits for me for my dolls, something I didn’t appreciate nearly enough.

          I do not know that Toni ever came with rooted hair. I think they all had wigs. You can still buy the wigs and many of “my girls” have reproduction wigs on their heads. You may just not have realized her hair was a wig. You are my age, so it would have been the same doll.

          She had more or less the same face throughout, but depending on her size and year of production, she would have been chubbier or thinner, but she was always a girl and not a teenager or a women. Later, Revlon dolls because the first fashion dolls, with Little Miss Revlon (8″) and Miss Revlon (anywhere from 12″ to 24″). Yes, I am a doll collector. Guilty, your honor.


            1. You are probably mixing two dolls into one. Also, Revlon made a LOT of dolls in the 1950s and 1960s. And even longer, though the style changed significantly with the decades. You may have had more than one doll by Revlon with similar faces. They used the same face on more than one doll. All the dollmakers did.


                  1. It didn’t have the rubber face though..It had the wooden or composite or whatever it was hard head, arms and legs…I think the body was, too.

                    I can’t find any picture of it and it looks like the Toni dolls all were made of rubber.


                    1. Yes…I didn’t mean to suggest Toni was a baby..I was going back and forth between Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears, but she was definitely TT! I just posted pictures..Most will roll their eyes but it was easiest to do it in the blog and some other little girls may want to come and play with us, too…Second childhood or senility?


              1. For some reason, no pics of dolls. only my Tiny Tears…or Betsy Wetsy…I need to look. It had very short nappy brown hair–like a very close cut Afro..and it cried tears and I think it also wet its diapers…I do have a pic of it…


                1. That could be either Tiny or Betsy, but I’ll bet on Tiny. She had the very tight curls. Betsy came with a lot of different kinds of hair including molded plastic (aka, no hair), wigged and rooted. Most popular was rooted hair of some version of blond or brown hair, but Tiny always had that very short, curly hair. I had a Betsy, but no Tiny. Both of them drank and wet. I have a Betsy with rooted hair. I can send you a picture.


                    1. No, I didn’t, did I? I think WordPress does not publish these in the order in which I wrote them. They insert things after other things and before comments that were made to respond to … well, you know what I mean. They do their own thing … and past a certain point, i have no control. But honest, I didn’t edit nothin’. Except correcting typos.


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