Ecclesiastes 1:9 — New International Version (NIV)

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

I’ve been giving this one a real think and realized that whatever it is (was?), if I’d wanted to do it, I did it. If I haven’t done it by now, it’s because (a)  I didn’t want to do it more than I wanted to do something else, or (b) it was outside the realm of the doable. Or at least, my doable.

There are tons of things I’d like to do again, a myriad of place I’d love to revisit … as well as some I meant to get to, but ran out of time. It seems when you have plenty of time, you are inevitably broke, but when you are flush, you are too busy to do anything except work.

marilyn december 2013

Retirement for most of us means we have time — in abundance — but alas, lack both money and stamina. Traveling used to be a lot more fun than it is today. Airline travel in particular has really fallen on its face as a mode of desirable transportation. Most of the places I want to go involve a lot of airplanes and airports. Yuk. I’m not at all afraid of flying. I love flying, but I hate airports. I hate luggage handlers. I hate airport food, uncomfortable lounges, incomprehensible announcements, delayed flights, security — SECURITY, DON’T GET ME STARTED! — and that for reasons unknown, ones connecting flight is always at the farthest point on the other side of an airport bigger than my home town.

So, I haven’t done anything new lately. Unless you count getting sick, which I don’t.

I’ve had a lot of fun recently. I’ve written stuff I like, taken pictures I’m pleased with. Spent time with friends I love. Kissed my husband until he giggled. Fixed a broken computer and failed (miserably) to fix another. Got a pair of slipper booties so comfortable my feet sing when I put them on. Played with my dogs and my friends’ cats and laughed until I cried.

Nothing new. Same old same old. Kind of like me.

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