1. For a long time, although the diner was invented in Massachusetts, they disappeared completely. In the last 20, people have been finding and restoring old diners all across the state. It’s great. We had lunch at Miss Mendon today and I have pictures I need to process. I think they came out nicely but I won’t know till I download them.

  1. On our list of things to do. We should do it while we can still digest the food.

    1. Diners are possibly one of the truly unique American cultural icons. And I absolutely love them! This only looks gone from the back (where no one is supposed to be peeking :-) It’s all shiny from the front.

    1. It’s not actually. I was trying to make it look very old, but it’s really a pretty standard western Massachusetts diner. But then again, I really love diners.

    1. Diners have THE best breakfasts. Scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns with some bacon or sausage? I dream about it … but I can’t actually EAT it any more. Funny about life :-)

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