A Photo a Week Challenge: Summer Memories

I thought these might be a perfect entry for this challenge. Not me, but my granddaughter and friends when they were children. Before makeup and boys and drama.

Almost the definition of why it’s great to be a kid.

Summertime Ready

Summertime SET

Summertime - GO

Anyone want to do it again?

Anyone want to do it again?


  1. I almost drowned in front of my instructor making out with her boyfriend when I was 7. I can still picture them from the bottom of the pool to this day 50 years later so jumping is not my best memory but gimme a floating raft and I’m happy : )

    1. What I would not have given for a best friend with a real pool! I grew up before above-ground pools were available, so we had to make do with sprinklers. Which, come to think of it, weren’t bad either. At least we got wet and ran around outside :-)

  2. In some regards I was not your typical kid. I was a bookworm & a nerd. I had a small circle of friends that lived with me in a rural neighborhood my dad literally built with our family’s help. Our one luxury during Summer was a season pass to our nearest town’s public swimming pool. My brother and I walked the two miles along the railroad tracks to get to that pool each day. My dad would pick us up in the afternoon when we got tired. We taught ourselves to swim, going from dog paddlers to the high dive in one weekend. We played baseball in the empty lot across from our home until we started hitting balls near neighboring homes and their windows. Life was simple as we made our own fun, creating our own “Big Adventures”.

    1. My growing up years were pretty much like yours except there were no public pools — nor private ones either. Unless you count those inflatable baby pools. Since no one had stuff like that — much of it didn’t even exist — we didn’t miss it. And we had a lot of freedom not being tied to home by cell phones and beepers. I think it was a fair trade.

      1. We had one landline, a rotary dial party line, Mercury 2-4018. Memory can be an amazing thing! As kids we were not permitted to use a phone. We had one black & white tv with rabbit ears and aluminum foil on the ends for better reception of our 4 channels.

        1. That’s the way it was unless you were too poor to have a TV at all. I loved the old phone numbers. I can remember bunches of them … and barely my own number these days. Too many numbers and nothing unique on which to hang a memory.

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