Familial Feasts  — Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

In Israel, they have a word that translates loosely to “close-far.” It refers to the tribe of “almost relatives” by marriage or informal adoption. This includes all the rest of the folks who claim some sort of relationship to you, like your cousin Alfie’s second wife’s husband’s niece.


I recommend we have a Gathering Day during which we collect all these “relatives.” The ones who are related by blood, albeit so distantly we are unclear on lines of descent (but are sure they are there, somewhere), the kids mom and dad fostered while their parents were getting a divorce. The related-by-marriage to second and third cousins and their off-spring. The brothers-in-law of our sister-in-law, twice divorced and their adopted children’s children from their third marriage.

A mighty big picnic. With guitars. And booze. Lots of burning meat. A sing along to which everyone brings their favorite dishes.

Ya think? We get a day off from work during the best time of year for warm, sunny weather and do it in a public park. It’s safer in public.

We will call it Extended Family Day. It would be a huge hit! The greeting cards and invitations alone would generate a ton of money and maybe some new jobs! No downside unless you are unlucky enough to come from a family dominated by bad cooks.

Who’s ready to jump on my bandwagon?

Don’t be a spoil sport. Even if you have no known relatives or none you want to know, you can invite all the fake aunts and cousins — or hook up to another group and be one of the almost relatives in someone else’s clan. Anyone for whom you feel even the vaguest familial attachment will suffice.

On this special day of days, water is as thick as blood!

18 thoughts on “HEY MOMMA! THEY’RE ALL HERE!

  1. I’m with ya. ^_^ Except I don’t really know anyone in my family. I could buy invitations but other than the kidlets, I’d have no one to send them to. Ha! Friends and family of friends it is! Maybe the hubster’s family (except they’re annoying as hell).


    1. Using my logic, you could invite random strangers you meet on line in the supermarket because we are all related if we say we are :-) Let the annoying ones be someone else’s family. For ONE day, we can have the family we wish we had.


    1. When we all lived in the same state it was, but now, we are spread out all over the place and not to put too fine a point on it, a great many former attendees are MIA. Permanently. Younger generations are not as interested so we need to reform the family and do it at a time of year when we can be pretty sure it won’t snow … and maybe the traffic won’t be quite so horrific. Or maybe we’ll make the traffic horrific. Who knows?


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