I’m a blogging anarchist, a blogger without goals. A writer, photographer. I don’t have a primary focus nor do I want one. I have a lot of interests and write about whatever catches my attention or is most on my mind. Or in the news. I’m a bit of a geek and I love my high-tech toys.

Serendipity is about the stuff going on in my world, what I think you might like to read about, think about. Laugh about.

And I will show you pictures of my home, my valley. I will do my best to capture the seasons and how sunlight filters through trees.

marilyn selfieI try to be on the right side of issues. I do my best to align with the righteousness, on the side of justice, and giving everyone the benefit of a doubt. I don’t always live up to my highest standards, but I try.  Underneath the humor, I have a temper, carefully controlled, but it sometimes gets away from me.

You are welcome on Serendipity as long as you come in good faith. Don’t insult anyone, not me or anyone who comments here. I will delete or edit stuff that offends me without hesitation.

I will also cut comments if they are excessively long or off-topic. Extended interchanges are best done elsewhere. I don’t want essays in comments.

I love dogs and other animals. I am perhaps overly fond of wit and word play. My favorite piece of music is Beethoven’s 6th Symphony,m but I also love country music, folk music, some very hard rock too.

Civility counts with me. It counts a lot. Be nice. We can be civil, even if we disagree. Try to stay on topic or at least in the same neighborhood. If you want to email me privately, please do. I’ve included a contact box at the bottom of the page.

Your opinions are welcome as long as they are based on something. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, shut up about it. You are not entitled to an opinion if your opinion is based on ignorance, what your mama told you, or what they preach in your church. Those are not facts.

An opinion based on an opinion (yours or that of other people) is not a truth. Believing something with all your heart doesn’t make it factual or obligate me to agree with you.

Don’t be a troll. Saying negative crap to “liven things up” will get you banned in a hurry.  This is a troll-free website and I will not tolerate trouble-makers. I don’t care who you are. Despite my egalitarian beliefs, I rule this site. You may call me Your Majesty.

This is not a public forum or bulletin board. For good or ill, I’m a tyrant in this little space on the great big web.

Do not publicize your site by inserting your link(s) in comments. I’ll spam them and ban you. We all had growing pains. I wish you well, but you will have to make the grade on your own merits.

If you want a fight, you are on the wrong site. I won’t become a battleground. I won’t host angry arguments. There’s plenty of that on social media and other websites seem to specialize in it. Here, on Serendipity, if I declare a conversation over, it’s over. Want a brawl, try Facebook.

I write about everything and nothing. That’s the joy of writing without a boss looking over my shoulder. After a lifetime of writing for a living, I treasure the freedom to do my thing, whatever that is.

I try to answer comments. If I miss one, it’s by accident — or I’m ill and can’t respond. I’ve had a lot of ill-health in my life. Normally, I will respond . If I’ve got a bone to pick with you, I will tell you — probably offline. That’s a promise. Sometimes I’m delayed in responding, generally because I’ve got medical stuff going on or I’m away from home. It happens. Be patient.

I offer you my memories via anecdotes, observations, occasional fiction, and photographs. The photos are mine unless otherwise indicated. If it’s a picture of me, you can bet I didn’t take it myself (unless it’s a selfie). I sometimes reblog posts I find interesting, funny, or otherwise special. If it doesn’t sound like me, it probably isn’t.

Welcome! Please wipe your feet at the door. I’ve left a light on for you.

If you’d like to contact me privately, you can use the contact form below:

151 thoughts on “THE MARILYN PAGE

  1. OMG ! I can’t believe this ! You are my new follower ! I know it is just to motivate me more. I am so nervous because I can’t write anything which can be worth showing you. I am justing trying hard to write few words with some accuracy. Thank you so much feeling honored and privileged. Keep inspiring :)


  2. Hey Ms. M. Okay, so I am remodeling my blog into more of a magazine theme. I’m going to have various topics such as music, book reviews, photography and so on. I was wondering if you could contribute anything to my blog, and if you would be willing? We can discuss this somewhere else if you would like, maybe on my blog.


  3. Hi Marilyn, thanks for the “like” today, and good to meet you! :)

    (As a note, my maternal Grandmother’s name was Marion and my Mother’s name was Linda, which combined makes Marilyn, which is therefore a significant and special name to me!)


    • I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you. This is a new award for me. I thought I knew them all, but this one is rather special and I promise I will deal with it … but we are in the middle of a crisis with the well and the water … AND we are going away for a week in a few days and trying to get everything done before we go. The week is just spinning past … so stuff is going to wait until we get back home. Middle of October, I think. I do appreciate it and even though I do not usually accept awards anymore — it seems unfair given that I’m not even close to a new blogger anymore — this one is interesting and special, so I will make an exception. Again, I am very sorry it has taken me so long. I’ve just been wrapped up on stuff around here!


  4. Hello Marilyn,
    I love your open and engaging personality. Your “The Marilyn Page” is incredible. I like blogs that are not afraid to tell it like it is. Your post on Jonestown is outstanding and a must read for everyone. Be well.


  5. Hey!!! Okay, this might not be the right place to ask, but have you any experience in fictional writing? If so, and if you’re willing, I am requiring some assistance in maybe guidance or ideas. Whenever you get the chance.
    Thanks Ms. Marilyn!


    • Normally, I would happily say yes. But I’m still pulling myself together from the mega heart surgery I had in March and there are at least 3 manuscripts that have been waiting for my attention for more than 3 months. I dare not add another because I have no idea when — or if — I would get to it. I’m really sorry. I would love to help, but I just can’t. Try me again in about 6 months if you haven’t found someone by then. Maybe I’ll be a real person again by then.


  6. Hello Marilyn!

    I found you by way of RosieSmrtiePants and I love her background header….she said you did it? Fabulous job! I’m enjoying exploring and reading your blog posts too. I have 2 blogs here on WP, a recovery blog to help and reach out to others, and a writers/author blog where I do many things on for writers. I share what I learn as a writer and author.

    I also do low cost Author Spotlights & Media Marketing for others as well. I have lived life in recovery from addicted gambling and alcohol, but my PASSION is writing! Come by sometime! :-)

    I’m a new fan!

    Catherine :-)


    • Nice to meet you! I take pictures and I have so many — and she definitely needed one that was higher quality and the right size so I made her a couple and she can switch them off as she likes. I’m always willing to share my pictures. They might as well give some joy to people, otherwise all they are doing is cluttering up my hard drive! We’re on our way out the door, but when we get to our destination and I have a minute, I’ll pop over to your sites :-)

      If you’d like a header and I have something suitable, let me know!


  7. I didn’t know where else to ask you this, so forgive me if I am in the wrong. You may have already been asked into the Blog Tour, but I will ask you again–would you like to join the Blog Tour? If so, let me know. And if you need any details, I’ll be happy to share. You have until June 16th to complete the request of answering 4 questions (1. What am I working on at the moment? 2. How does my work differ from others? 3. Why do I write what I do? 4. How does my writing process work?) and need to ask 3 other bloggers to do the same and they will follow up with their post and questions a week after you.
    Again, let me know.


    • The thing is, I’m not working on a book. I blog, but otherwise, I’m not writing. I was of the impression that this was for writers who were working on book projects. If I was wrong, then i’d be delighted to participate!


      • I am not totally sure…I was informed that it was for anyone, and actually I was not given a source to the information on eligibility, participation rules and all that. So I can’t give you a straight answer.
        A blogger told me about it, and she said she had received an invitation from Vee dC. I am not sure whether or not WordPress even runs the tour anyway. Maybe you know that.
        I’m kinda flying blind right now.


  8. This too will pass. I’ve been through a few surgeries through the years and each one knocked me down and twisted me like a wet dish cloth until I was wrung dry and lifeless. When my appendix burst and ended up with serious complications during recovery, knowing that the best way to take life was one step at a time, the recovery period came and went—-life will on until the lights go out and the curtain drops on our last song.

    Good to hear from you.


    • Sometimes I think the cure is as likely to kill us as the diseases. I’m so exhausted I feel like breathing is too much effort. I think Garry is just as tired, maybe more so. This has been really rough on him. Man oh man, I hope this improves my life a LOT because right now, it’s hard to imagine that feeling better is actually possible! I’m gradually getting myself back to writing. I’m pretty beat up, so it’s a little at a time. Battling the medical hierarchy is exhausting even when when one is entirely healthy (what would that feel like, I wonder?), but right now, it’s a battle I could have done without. I think (HOPE) it’s getting sorted out but I’m totally wiped out.

      What is it they say? What doesn’t kill you makes you yearn for a long sea voyage with hot and cold running waiters, tanned, oiled and wearing speedos?

      Liked by 1 person

  9. You may be interested in the first YouTube video of India from Tom Carter, who is a photojournalist who spent two years walking more than 30,000 miles in China to take 60,000 photos—some of the best went into his book, “China: Portrait of a People”.

    Tom said it was easier getting around in China than in India. He said the Visas are severely time restricted and traveling from one state to the next meant waiting in long lines as if you were crossing borders into another country with another language. He’s made two or three trips to India and only covered about half the country so far.

    Here’s a video of his book, “China: Portrait of a People”. He covered every province in China, including Tibet, mostly on foot.


    • Thanks Lloyd. I can’t imagine how one could travel through such a huge and varied area without actually living there for a few years. I hadn’t seen all of Israel — which is tiny — after living there for 9 years. Then to try to write about all of it when it’s so diverse on every possible level. Mind boggling. I appreciate this virtual travel, especially since it’s the only kind of travel I’m likely to be doing for the foreseeable future :-)


      • You’re welcome.

        Tom Carter went to China to teach English. His from the San Francisco bay areas where he grew up and went to college, and two years after arriving in China, he quit his job and hit the road for two years. Today, he’s married to a Chinese citizen from the tea growing region a hundred miles or so southwest of Shanghai and is back to teaching English. He and his family have an apartment in Shanghai and they have a toddler, a little boy. His wife speaks fluent English but Tom doesn’t speak that much Mandarin.

        Here’s his Website:



    • Thanks for posting this:
      I have 2 new Grandbabies from China & the family will love it.
      I love your style & straightforward approach.
      Hope you might check out my first attempt at blogging.
      I have a lot to learn at 71 but value all I have experienced & hope it may inspire just one person with hope for what is possible or yet impossible
      Thanks Friend
      Carol @ Heart Songs


  10. I just found your blog by chance and feel happy about it, it’s such a good read :)

    Enjoyed reading your posts thoroughly, I liked the don’t care attitude :)

    Have a great time ….


  11. Marilyn, thank you for your support, your encouragement but most of all for “getting it” re my Norman Rockwell book. You are a wonderful writer. I posted your review on my blog with the heading, “Wish I had said that!”.
    I wish you the best in your upcoming medical procedures. After the dust settles, I would love to continue a dialogue, and maybe each add to our precious list of ” a few friends”.
    Jane Allen Petrick


    • I really really enjoyed your book. I read some other reviews on it and didn’t know what their problem was. My husband interviewed Rockwell when he first started working as a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston. It was his first important interview and he remembers it well. When we were out in Stockbridge, we made our ONLY (ever) trip to a museum together — The Rockwell Museum. The paintings are even more impressive in person … they are so much bigger than I expected! I always saw the other people in the paintings and it’s hard for me to figure out how you can make yourself oblivious to the obvious. Clearly a lot of people have. I would LOVE to continue the dialogue.

      I’ve got valve replacement and repair surgery coming up at the begining of March, so I’m going to be disappearing for a while, presumably to return some weeks down the road.

      We are terribly short of friends since we both retired. I’ve been sort of sickly, Garry is having trouble hearing even with aids … and many people have moved far away. So absolutely yes. If you are ever IN Massachusetts, we are in south central Mass down near the RI border … or, as they put it … the middle of nowhere. You can email me at

      Thank you for all your kindness. Yours is one of the books I requested. I wish you’d been allowed to use more of his pictures, but I’m betting they wouldn’t let you use them without paying for the privilege :-(


  12. Now about a quarter way through your book. Still compelling. You have a terrific writer’s voice. It would be so easy to sound whiny. You don’t. I think this may be my 2nd comment on your book, if so I lost any reply you might have sent. Feel free to reply to


    • Comments are disappearing all over the place I know I answered you, rather more than you probable wanted. It’s still there under whichever post our interchange took place. I don’t remember either… but there was much about typos. I’m really glad you are enjoying it despite its imperfections. You can email me at which would improve communication between us. I’m going into the hospital for heart surgery soon … so lets chat ASAP. Hugs! Marilyn


  13. I’m guilty of leaving long comments when I reply to comments on my Blogs. Heck, I’m guilty of often writing too much in forums, etc. But put me on the phone, and I’m a man of very few words. I probably use my phone less than five minutes a month. :o)


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  15. I enjoyed reading your ‘The Me Page’. Glancing through the comments from your readers I’m not surprised you have enamored yourself to so many. From what I’ve read, I sense a kindred spirit. I look forward to continuing to follow your blog. I believe my interests too are eclectic. You mentioned that you spent a lifetime writing for a living. I am interested in hearing more about that. The best writing I have done is less than a handful of business plans and a few other equally boring stuff (that is, boring for others – it was interesting to me when I was engaged with it). I am interested in learning about writing for a living. Hope you will blog about your life as a writer when your spirit prods you to do so. Meanwhile, do enjoy the holidays.


  16. You are such a NICE lady ! Loved reading all about you… Blogging is always fun ! I feel my life boring without it now. Your blog has become one of my favorites ! Looking forward to read more of your posts. Lots of Love from Pakistan ! xx


  17. Just calling in to say hello from a golden oldie somewhere in the middle of Switzerland. Isn’t blogging lovely. You can write what you want, when you want and no-one tells you you have to do it. One of the pleasures of being retired and as you said somewhere, no-one looking over your shoulder and giving instructions (except for Mr. Swiss, but that is no problem, I look over his shoulder as well. Lovely to meet you here.


    • And vice versa. I wrote for “pay” my whole professional life … more than 40 years. This is like ice cream and brownies, writing whatever strike my fancy. It’s the best part of retirement. Maybe the only really great part. Unless I’m missing something? I read you, too :-)


  18. Wow! Tall order. But, you lay it all out and there’s no guesswork. I love dogs too. We have a Great Dane who thinks he’s a lap dog. I joined Nano Poblano because Rara asked. I must admit, writing everyday has not been so easy. Work, family, walking Beau, hiking with hubby and Beau, making dinner, talking to daughter, etc. all get in the way. But, I try. And I try to read other people’s posts. Like yours. I hope we’ll cross paths on WordPress. :-)


    • Nice to meet you. Many years ago, I had a gorgeous English Setter named Beau. He was a wonderul nutsy dog. I’m sure we will cross paths again. We run with the same virtual crowd :-)


    • Thank you :-) I’ve rewritten so many times I actually don’t know what it says :-) I guess it’s okay. I’ll have to take a look at it. It’s been a while.


  19. Hello!
    Here i am. Good i came across your blog. Didn’t know you are waiting for me.
    Please visit my place too, anytime. The lights are on :)


  20. You have got a beautiful blog running here. Your vision and thoughts are indeed a revelation. Great work. Keep blogging. I will definitely hang around here a lot savouring the perfect cocktail you offer here.


    • Yes, there IS intelligent life. Just … too much of the other kind. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the numbers of the truly dumb and ignorant. I think the ignorant are worse than the dumb. They are what they are by choice!


    • I’ve reblogged this and I’ve also made a nice clean version of the Sunshine aware since the old one was getting tired from cloning so many times. I’m hideously overbooked right now. My own fault and a very bad habit from my past, that I say “yes” to everything without really calculating how much time is involved to accomplish the thing, whatever it may be. So I will get to this, but for the moment, just for some weeks, I have to attack the pile of work that is treatening to crush me flat. I am NOT rejecting or ignoring this! I’m just recognizing my limits — finally! Thank you a million times over!


  21. Hello Marilyn,

    Charmeine the new edition of The Light-Bearer Series is being offered free on Smashwords on Friday, April 19, 2013!

    I’m excited as heck because this is the first time that the new edition will be out and World Literary Cafe is Sponsoring it!!! Yeah!

    May I ask for a HUGE favor? I was wondering if I could appear on your blog, or if I can get mentioned on your Facebook page that day or Google Plus me that day!

    If you want, I can send you a packet of info about Charmeine along with the Smashwords code that will be usable on April 19, 2013!

    Let me know and if you can that’s WONDERFUL if not, I totally understand!

    Thanks and lots of love, Emily


    • Send me the information or if you want to post something on your site, I’ll gladly reblog or better yet, I’ll scoop it so it will go out on my blog, FB, Pinterest and google+ all at the same time. Whatever you prefer is fine with me. I’ll be away over the weekend, but I’m taking my laptop with me. Either way, I have no problem and would be glad to help!



  22. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks for the comment. I have been looking through your website and it is certainly very interesting. In many ways, I am similar. I will try to keep my comments shorts, but warning, I do have a tendency to get so involved in what the writer has written that sometimes I forget and want to share how I see things. But you have given us your email and when I have deep thoughts to share, I will send you an email.

    Have a great weekend.


    • You are a sweetie pie :-) I’ll go check it out. Have you done your signing yet? I think you’ll find that amongst things you do in life, that isn’t one of the really hard one. They are often fun and among other things, you get to meet other local authors and buy each others’ books :-) You’re going to do fine!


    • I am touched and grateful. This is one of those days when rather than inspired, I feel puzzled and sad. Seems like we never get better. We have too much technology and too little conscience. I’ll try to get my inspiration to back up. Whenever I develop a bit of hope for humankind, something happens and I have to wonder if we are ever going to be better than wild apes in designer clothing. No, that’s wrong. Apes are not homocidal. That’s a human thing. Really, thank you. I’m just having one of those mornings where I feel assaulted by my fellow hominids and wonder if we all came from the same source. It’s good for the world that I’m NOT God, because I’d wipe us out and start over. I’m feeling pretty Old Testament this morning!


  23. I had to look at your blog when I saw the name as Serendipity is one of my favourite words! I also write about anything and everything but only positive things, three things each day which please me in some way. You have a new follower! :)


    • Thanks so much. I spent all my working years writing what other people wanted me to say. I take a lot of pleaseure in writing whatever I want these days. It’s a freedom I never had before. Thanks again.


  24. “I nominated you for a Lovely Blogger award even though I recognize that it is something of a “coals to Newcastle” situation. You still deserve it, so cope as best you can. It’s never bad to be recognized for being good.”

    Thanks for the Lovely Blog Award. :-) I’ve no idea from your blog how to contact you except via comments, so here I am. It’s taken a little while to post my acceptance, but here it is:

    You are more than welcome to pop round.

    Thanks again,



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