I opened one eye. Just a little. Snow, definitely snow. Falling on my house. My trees. My deck.

“It’s not fair,” I think to myself. “We have to go into Boston tonight. Not snow. No, no, no, NO!” I’ve still got “Can’t Buy Me Love” stuck in my head.

I consider just staying there, under the covers. But my head hurts . Coffee thoughts are milling around. That and the realization that the dogs would need encouragement to actually go outside. They seem to think if the weather is bad, they should be allowed to stay in. Use the floor.

Two Terrier 7

Do we, their humans, go out to the yard to do our business? So how come they have to, huh? Pointing out they are dogs and we are not doesn’t carry any weight with them. They look at me, and I can see little thought balloons: “And your point is?” they are thinking.

I struggle into some P J pants and a sweat shirt. Usually I get dressed before I leave the bedroom. Maybe not fancy, but real clothing, more or less. Hair combed, face washed, teeth brushed. My “face the world” look … but we have a concert this evening and I’m going to have to get  properly dressed later. Twice in a day is once too many.

kitchen window january

In the kitchen, the platoon of furry faces is waiting. Panting with eagerness. I explain, again, the whole going out thing and like a pack of clowns in the circus, they race, hop, and limp down the stairs. They all try to go out the doggy door at the same time. Lots of scrabbling of paws on the floor. Bunch of clowns.

“One at a time!” I yell, but they ignore me and continue to fight their way out. My headache is getting worse. I click the coffee to “on” and wait. I hear the thunder of paws as all four dogs charge back up the stairs.

“You didn’t DO anything out there,” I reprove them. They only stayed out an eighth of a second. They didn’t have time to do anything. Nonetheless, I give them each a greenie, and they go to their separate places to furtively consume, lest some other dog steal a crumb. I haven’t had a chance to reconnoiter before they are back.

As I write, the snow is falling.

As I write, the snow is falling.

“You haven’t finished chewing yet,” I point out, but it doesn’t matter. One biscuit is not enough. They need another (and another and another) and I give them another one and wish the coffee would brew faster because I’m going to crumple to the kitchen floor and just lay there moaning.

And finally. Enough coffee to put into the cup. We use big cups. With covers. So we don’t wind up with our coffee in our keyboards. Usually I am polite and wait for the coffee to finish brewing before I take some, but this morning, I want it and I want it right now. If Garry wants first crack at the coffee, he can get up earlier.

I know he’s awake, really. I saw his eye open. He was looking at the clock, calculating if he could get another couple of hours of sleep. 10:15 is right on the cusp of “get up or roll over.” It can go either way. I hear him moving around the bedroom, so clearly getting up won.

I got the first cup of coffee. But oh, happy day, the dogs will get another biscuit.

Daily Prompt: Ready Set Done


Gone, But Not Forgotten – Show us something that is lost, but not forgotten.

Tinker as a pup

Tinker as a pup, in snow

Pagan with a very young Kaity (Pagan was Tinker’s grandmother)

Divot, with a younger Kaity and Garry at River Bend

Divot, with young Kaity and Garry at River Bend

Handsome Griffin, the funniest dog I've ever known.

Griffin, the funniest dog I’ve ever known. A clown amongst dogs and my most huggable friend.

These are the dogs of our “pack” that passed over and have gone to the Bridge.

Our pets don’t live nearly long enough. It’s the down side of loving dogs and cats and the other furry creatures who make our world so much better. When they leave us, they leave holes in our hearts. Their loss hurts — and keeps hurting forever.

The furry flop-eared hounds are PBGVs — Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen. Also called simply “Petites.” Divot was — as is Nan — a Norwich Terrier and a champion in the ring and of our hearts. They will always be remembered and loved.

It has been years since all of these well-loved pets passed on, but I still tear up when I think about them. They carved a place in our hearts and live there forever.


Marilyn Armstrong:

Today’s a perfect day to reblog this one. It made me laugh. It made me laugh a lot and I have to admit, it did not make Garry laugh nearly as much.

Sometimes I think there is only one husband in the world. He comes in a variety of packaging options — size, color, age, ethnicity — but underneath, it’s the same guy.

Originally posted on Stuff my dog taught me:

woman and dogThe other night I had an argument with the husband so I harrumphed up the stairs and went to bed early.  (Actually, I harrumphed up then back down then back up, since I had forgotten the ipad in the living room.  This took away a fair bit of the effect from my initial harrumph but it also allowed me to watch a new season of The Vampire Diaries in bed, so…).

Buster the Schnauzer did not have even a moment of angst over what to do in such a situation.  Without hesitation, my loyal friend followed me up the stairs, AND back down, AND back up.  As I settled under the covers, he sat upright on the bottom of the bed with a look that clearly said, “You are everything wonderful and perfect in the world and HE is an ass.” (Buster has a very expressive face).  As we shared…

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By Hand — What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special. I’m not sure what to say. You mean, the lumpy ashtrays kids make in school? The kids don’t even think much of them, but we all ooh and aah over them like we have a […]


About two years ago, we parted ways with the group of vets we’d been using for ten years. The quality of the care was not at issue, but the prices they were to charging were. For years, they had been reasonable, caring. You could set up payment plans for the most costly procedures. They worked with you to keep prices down so […]


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Walk 100 Steps and Take New Photos Today has been a quiet, sleepy day. Raining outside as we snuggle up inside. I didn’t walk 100 steps to take pictures. Maybe I walked 5 steps to get to the top of the stairs for a shot of the landing below. I walked couple more […]

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