I do not need a clone. What in the world would I do with a second rickety old clone? I’d have to make twice as many doctor appointments. And good luck getting health insurance for a clone. They only give you Medicare once. After that, if you are sick, just go off and die, please. The state is not interested in your sad story.

“But I’m a clone! It’s not my fault I’m not in your records!” Yeah, right. They’d listen to that. In your dreams.

Out my window ice dams
The view out my bathroom window this morning. Where is Ramon when I need him?

I need an extra body around here. A young, healthy body. An agile body. Strong. If he wasn’t hard on the eyes, I wouldn’t mind that, either.

I’ll call him Ramon. He can help with all kinds of things. Shopping and hauling the groceries. Right now, I’d send him up to the roof to get rid of the snow and the ice dams that are trying to eat my house. Get him to chip the ice off the cars.

When he isn’t working around the house, he can go out and earn some money to support himself. I can’t afford to feed another mouth — especially with the appetite a young man has — so Ramon will have to get a job. Maybe part-time. I’ll give him the room for free and let him borrow the car. I hope he’s good with engines. Those cars aren’t getting any newer.

In the spring, Ramon could deal with that nightmare of a garden, remove the lethal dead rose-bush from the middle of it. I have a great many things that need doing, but require a strong young back. So no clones of me, please. I’ll take Ramon.


Published on Feb 15, 2015 via YouTube

My collaborator, Leslie Martel of swo8 Blues Jazz did the work. Composed the music and wrote the words. She also put the video together. Posted it to YouTube. I think that’s all the work. I supplied the photographs.

This video is called Winter Blues, a unique, fun collaboration between me and composer-musician swo8 Blues Jazz.

I have more than enough snow pictures. And plenty of snow! Since the end of January, it has been a fury of storms and blizzards, one after another. Before this endless month is done, I expect I will have even more winter photographs.Too much snow and cold.Trapped in a winter nightmare.

(I hope the guy shows up to shovel the roof tomorrow!)

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    • I would like to credit the unknown photographers who captured the shots of the Blizzard of 1978.


Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 02

The rules are simple and I’m very glad that a lot of you decided to join the challenge. If you haven’t joined, but feel like joining, it’s not too late. The idea behind it is to get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun. This way you’ll capture the changing seasons throughout the year.

I could write more about this, but it’s easier if you check out the first post and read all about there: https://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/monthly-photo-challenge-the-changing-seasons-01/

Every month, all of us participating in this challenge post a gallery of pictures of the same area to show the seasons as they change. This month, I can’t exactly show the same view because my way is blocked by nearly 6 feet of snow with more due over the weekend. But all of these pictures were taken within 100 yards of last month’s gallery.

I hope that a month from now, the scene will be greatly changed and instead of icicles and piles of snow, we have green grass, buds, crocuses and maybe a robin.


Cold. Fifty inches of snow on the ground. Groundhog day has come and gone, but we didn’t need a groundhog to know that winter is far from over.


Far from over, yet less than two months to spring. Which is difficult to imagine right now, when it looks like the Antarctic just outside our front door and there’s no chance we will be able to go anywhere until Owen and the snowblower clear a path.


It’s a good time to remember why we live in New England. Because it isn’t always like this.

Manchaug spring 2

Spring will come and there will be flowers. Sunshine.

solomon's seal

Warm days and green fields.

River Bend Farm river

A lazy river where ducks, geese, swans, and herons nest, fish, and enjoy those sunny days.



 Wildflowers and water lilies and gardens full of color.

Chinese lily

It’s why we stay here, put up with the cold, ice, and snow. Because spring and summer always come again, and finally the finale — Autumn. That’s the payoff.



Picture window snow morning analog

It snows and then snows some more. It has been snowing almost every day for a couple of weeks and there is no end in sight. Well, that’s not true. There is an end. Almost in sight. We call it spring. About 6 weeks away, in the future. We can see it on the calendar. We hold it in our hearts.

snow picture window poster

In the meantime, we live in a land of white and snow. Deep snow and drifts. Icicles that hang 20 feet down from the roof. If I was to pick the moment when even I — tired though I am of snow and utterly weary of cold — stop and catch my breath from the sheer beauty of snow, it’s early in the morning after a storm.

Not a blizzard. Blizzards have wind that keep flakes from settling gently on every surface.

Picture window snowy world poster

A quiet snow where the flakes fall straight out of the sky and stick to every twig and branch leaving a frosted world. It’s the perfect picture of a New England winter. Elegant. Ephemeral. Gone in an hour — or less — as the sun melts the thin coating away. But for that brief interval …


A Photo A Week Challenge: View

Right now, all my views contain snow. Deep snow, drifting snow. Snow so deep, it is almost above my head. If the forecast is correct, next week it will be deeper than I am tall.

Snow. The best and worst of winter.


The view from my kitchen door the morning after a storm. The world is frosted. Ever branch and twig. Everything is frozen, waiting for spring to come.

snow view picture window front

And then, there’s the snow, through the front picture window. The snow has barely stopped. It’s as close to perfect as it will be. Until the next snowstorm.



There are laws laid down by the government, religious laws, basic laws that govern human behavior (right, wrong … you know, that stuff), and then, there are laws. As an author, you must not make characters who suddenly behave outside the universe you have constructed for them, nor can they directly contravene the laws of physics or other natural forces without consequence  — or at least an explanation.


I have spent my life carefully avoiding adversarial encounters with governmental laws. Whatever laws got broken, I’ve been extremely cautious about when, where, and to whom I advertise this information and never have any of my transgressions caused harm to others.

Everything else is up for grabs. I pay homage to physical laws. I get the whole gravity thing. If I were to try, for example, to fly, the negative payback would be immediate and terrible. Mother Nature doesn’t have courts or lawyers. I obey her without question or quibbling. In turn, she graciously allows me to live in her world.

I’ve never accepted any religious authority. Nor am not a major author, so within the lesser laws of writing, I obey those which pertain to bloggers. I don’t spam. I’m not a a troll. I tell the truth and check my sources twice. I present opinion as opinion and know the difference between opinion, Truth and facts.

I’m nice to most people. Generous within the limits of what I have to share. Kind (over-indulgent and ridiculously sentimental) to animals. Polite to strangers. I have a sense of humor. I’ve never robbed a bank, killed anyone, or cheated on my taxes without the full support of a professional accountant and loopholes in the tax law.

picture of snow all white

So there you have it. A basically law-abiding citizen who, other than some minor substance experimentation and sometimes driving too fast, has lived a righteous life. Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? (It hasn’t been, not at all …)

Speaking of Mother Nature. Lady, I have a bone to pick with you. This snow and bitter cold thing? Enough already. Seriously. Don’t you think it’s time to move along? Like maybe slide on down the road to the Arctic circle. Polar bears like this stuff and they’ve been having a hard time. Send the super-chilled air and the next few feet of snow to them. They will say “thank you” and so will I.

DAILY PROMPT: Breaking the Law — Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?