It was nearly sundown in the middle of March. At this time of year, I ought, by rights, to be counting crocus. I am instead taking pictures of piles of frozen slush.


It was after five in the evening and the shadows were long. Bonnie had obviously discovered the snowdrifts were no longer soft, but climbable. Most inconvenient. That one is way too smart for her own good!


Today it’s raining and hopefully, that will reduce the height of the frozen piles of old snow. Maybe even peel away enough layers that we can get to the yellow car we haven’t seen since January.

72-At Home-March-12_25

Maybe, underneath this mess, the flowers are struggling to come out of the earth. Maybe they have already popped up … and are there, waiting, underneath the ice and snow.



72-birds in the bush_002

Slowly, the ice and snow is melting. Very slowly. Huge piles of frozen slush. The birds are still hanging around and we have had a bit of additional fluffy snow.


Nothing serious, not enough to cover the ground that is finally exposed. The birds have been pecking away at the ground.


I’m sure they are very happy to find some live food, some green. Even if it is just moss.

72-birds in the bush_024



Dreamlike images remind me of Middle Earth. We are in Maine.


These are the mountains along the Canadian border.


Just look out the cabin door or drive a short way down the mountain. A breathtaking world of color, mist, mountains and clouds. Colors so unreal they feel like magic, as if trees are glowing from within.

And down in along Route 201 toward Skowhegan …

path by the cabin in jackman

We’re heading back in the middle of May. This time, spring. I will always feel at home where the mountains rise to kiss the sky.

Places – The Daily Prompt


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 11

My leftover pictures are very much like all my pictures. I overshoot and take more frames than I can possibly use, so there are always spares.

There’s nothing wrong with them. if there was something wrong, I’d delete them … but these are merely not those I chose to (initially) process.

Sometimes, I feel guilty about them, as if they have been unfairly overlooked. Like maybe they feel hurt because I chose frame 25 while ignoring frame 27. Although I realize this is ridiculous, I do anthropomorphize everything. Flowers and photographs.

Camera conversations:

“Why have you been using the Q7 and not me?” screams an Olympus PM2.

“Shh! You’ll wake the big Panasonic!”

So, in the name of fairness and equality, here are some of the photographs which were, through no fault of their own, left behind.



We’ve had some beautiful sunrises lately. Since the shade on my window broke, the sun streams at dawn. Right on my pillow. In my eyes. That sounds delightful, but it’s not.


At 6 in the morning, I do not want the sun in my eyes. I want to roll over and get another few hours of sleep.


The sun hits my brain too. It tells me to pick up a camera and take a few pictures.

72-Early Morning Sunny Woods March-12_07

The sun hits that particular window, and is in my face, for a scant half hour. After that, it moves higher in the sky and does not trouble me. Pity I’m wide awake by then. Considering I go to sleep around 2 in the morning, I am not ready to face the day at six. I love photography, but I also need sleep.

72-Morning Woods March-12_12

I’m nothing if not opportunistic. I keep a camera in the bedroom. If I’m going to be awakened from sleep by the sun, I might as well get some pictures too. Isn’t that what everyone does at sunrise?



A Photo a Week Challenge: Brighten Up Your Day

Nancy thought we needed some brightness in our lives. After the horrific past 7 weeks where an entire four months of winter was compressed into less than two months, I totally agree.


The sunflower is pretty much the way it came out of the camera. It was shot on a very bright day with a very good lens, very close. I sharpened it, cropped it a bit, but this is what it looked like. Amazing flower, isn’t it? As if it has sunshine inside, trying to escape!


Our entire system of ustice is based on honest udges. Without them, fair treatment of criminals and victims would be seriously compromised. I say let’s put the “_” back in ustice and let the udges (those guys in the black robes) do their obs properly, practicing urisprudence.

There are none of those letters in sunrise or sunset, so here’s a sunrise, courtesy of this morning …


And a sunset, courtesy of yesterday evening …



Question: Many people have asked how you can tell the difference between a sunset and a sunrise in a still photograph.

Answer: You can’t. They look exactly the same. If you don’t know which one you are looking at, it’s impossible to tell the difference.

I believe every post should include some kind of useful knowledge and this has been my gift for you today. Because leaving letters out of posts didn’t do it for me. I tried.

Twenty-Five – There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!