Thinking About Flowers

The first sign of spring

The first sign of spring

As I watch the snow slowly melt away while hoping we don’t get more, my thoughts turn to flowers and springtime. It’s natural when the world has been all white for weeks. Are crocuses popping up amidst the rubble of winter? My son did a little digging and says yes, they are trying to break through … but the weather guys are saying there’s more snow on the way. Can the baby flowers survive another round of ice and snow?

The sky was so blue this morning when I got up. Now it is fading to white, not a good sign.

I am tired. Not just of winter. Plain old tired. I had any number of ambitious plans for the day, but I think instead I’m going to do nothing much. Maybe I’ll feel bright and bushy-tailed tomorrow. Right now I need a good book. Maybe a little chicken soup too.

And flowers. How very much I yearn for flowers.