We both took a few pictures. I didn’t take as many as Marilyn, but as it happens, a few of mine came out pretty well … so let’s all enjoy autumn a little longer. The first three are of Attean Pond, taken from the scenic view on Route 201.


The photograph below was taken from the Margaret Chase Smith Library grounds in Skowhegan, the day we drove down to have lunch with Bette Stevens, Maine author and a good friend.



All text is from The Forest Society of Maine website:


In 1984 the Coburn family, who had owned much of Attean Township since 1916, faced the need to sell their land, but wanted to find a way to protect the township’s stunning natural beauty, outstanding forest resources, and recreational traditions.


FSM was established by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests to fill a unique niche and to conserve 18,067 acres in Jackman, Maine (Attean Township). The area includes important ecological areas, 15 miles of Attean Pond and Moose River shore front, scenic islands, mountain slopes, and productive forestland .


At the time, the Attean easement was the largest conservation easement in the country, and the first easement in Maine to include the multiple values — recreational, ecological, and economic — produced by Maine’s forests.

Visit Jackman, Maine




DREAMLIKE images that remind me of Middle Earth … but it’s northern Maine.


These are the mountains along the Canadian border.


Just look out the cabin door or drive a short way down the mountain. A breathtaking world of color, mist, mountains and clouds. Colors so unreal they feel like magic, as if trees are glowing from within.


And down in along Route 201 toward Skowhegan …

path by the cabin in jackman



And down the mountain we drove. Around 85 miles down, same mileage back. We met Bette Stevens, of 4 Writers and Readers. She’s in the middle of a round of editing her next book, but she took the time to spend the afternoon with me and Garry.

Bette Stevens

Bette Stevens

A great lunch and Ken’s Family Restaurant, a trip to the Magaret Chase Smith Library, and a brief sojourn to see the world’s tallest Indian (statue), created by Bernard Langlais (1921-1977), a sculptor from Old Town who attended the local art school.

Marilyn and Bette

Marilyn and Bette

Garry and I were wearing our matched pair of Serendipity sweat shirts. You could hardly tell us apart!

Marilyn and Garry by Bette Stevens

Marilyn and Garry by Bette Stevens

Garry and Bette

Garry and Bette

We had great conversation at lunch, then spent some time taking picture of each other, visiting the library and admiring the statue, which is oddly located next to a Cumberland Farms.

View from the Margaret Chase Smith Library

View from the Margaret Chase Smith Library

We know each other on the Internet, yet there’s always some nervousness when finally, we meet in person. Will we really like one another?

The Margaret Chase Smith Library

The Margaret Chase Smith Library

No problem. It was love at first sight. I think we are officially best-friends-forever. I don’t know when we will be back this way, but I’m sure we will come again. Maybe next year or the year after that. But we will come back. How could we not return to so much natural beauty and great people?

World's Tallest Indian (Statue)

World’s Tallest Indian (Statue)


Another Ready, Set, Done free write morning with WordPress

The sky is bright and blue and the last of the autumn leaves are clinging to the birch trees across the path in front of the cabin. There’s quite a breeze and the leaves are shimmering. I can’t catch that shimmer with my camera. That would need video and I don’t — haven’t done — video. I’ll have to try it someday, but this isn’t that day.

Bright Jackman morning

Bright Jackman morning

Garry and I are driving 90 miles down the mountain today to have lunch with Bette Stevens in Skowhegan. We are going to meet one of my favorite bloggers — alive and in the flesh. It’s a big deal! We know each other so well in some ways, yet often never get to physically meet at all.

Garry and I are going to wear our matching Serendipity sweat shirts — it’s chilly out there — and besides, I’ve been looking for an excuse. I’ve even put on some earrings and make up. This is an occasion!!

This is one of those times I don’t mind the Daily Prompt being totally without structure. I’ve got something I wanted to say anyhow … Our little day trip should be fun. Yesterday, with all the on-again-off-again rain, we rested and even did a bit of Jacuzzi and I think we are surprisingly frisky … for us.

I’m bringing cameras, so expect pictures tomorrow.

Mountain Morning

Down the mountain, lunch, visit a park, maybe a museum. Talk and laugh and drive back up the mountain again. If we are lucky, we will be coming home in time to catch that late afternoon sunset and maybe this time, even better sun on the mountains.

I need a picture. Be right back. Does stopping to take a picture count in my 10 minutes? Well, whether or not it does, I’m doing it! Wait for it …

And I’m back. Going to put the photos in and move on. We have miles to drive and places to go. See you-all later.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2014 #15

This comes at a perfect time. We’ve been on the road for some days now, so I have a lot of road and travel pictures to share. From the borders of Massachusetts, to Jackman, Maine. With Bingham and Skowhegan and all those little towns between, these are our travels — so far!

From the Attean scenic view ... just west of Jackman, overlooking the pond and the mountains

From the Attean scenic view … just west of Jackman, overlooking the pond and the mountains


Trail by the cabin on a misty morning

Trail by the cabin on a misty morning

And suddenly, we see the mountains

And suddenly, we see the mountains