cold sun 8

The cold sun in the sky and afternoon shadows herald a chilly night. Snow coming soon.

I don’t get the sun’s rays or star by using a special filter. I use just a skylight filter to protect my lens and not on every lens, either. I can get the star effect by angling the camera when the sun is in front of me. I have to twiddle with the position of the camera until I see the star and then shoot. It’s not a special effect, just optics.


cold sun 11


It’s a cold sun in the November sky. The branches are bare now. Even the late-clinging oak leaves are gone. Winter is coming  — and our oil tank is empty. No hot water, no heat and the temperature is dropping.

What happened to the delivery? This is the first time in 13 years we’ve been missed. Sigh. It’s always something. Got to get the truck here to fill us! And prime the boiler too. Another sigh.



I looked out my window. The bright yellow trees have turned bronze, the scarlet maples are bare. But there, in the middle of the brown of November is one, bright tree — a Japanese Maple given to me years ago by my cousin. It has been lovingly nurtured for over a decade. Here is the last shining tree of Autumn 2013. The last tree standing.



Still burdened with a stubborn cough, even so — I can get to the kitchen and out the back door. Camera in hand. Such a beautiful day. A good excuse to use a camera I rarely use, the Olympus SP-810UZ (36X zoom) . I wondered what I might create.

November woods 71

The woods is a still-life composed of leaves, twigs and rich blue sky.

Nov Still Life 70

November came gently and sweetly this year. Winter will come before November is done, but for now it’s still almost summer though it carries the palette of late autumn.

Nov Still Life 73

The seasons tick along. Nature’s clock, relentlessly marching towards winter. So far, November is warm and bright. Color hides in the crooks of trees.

Last Leaves 67

Good to live in a place where nature abounds. No searching. My forest is beautiful.

A November Woods