Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Until I started using Facebook, I honestly never much worried about the zombie apocalypse. naiveté? Maybe.

I was only funning when I originally posted this. I didn’t realize that the zombies are already here and are trying to take over by pretending to be politicians and legitimate candidates for the Presidency, Senate, and other high offices. Well, should they actually succeed in their attempted coup, we are all in trouble because zombies … well, you know what Those People are like.

Indeed, I had focused on other things … the Republican Party taking over both houses of Congress … lack of health care … pollution of our environment … destroying rain forests … extinction of species … whether or not I was going to survive cancer …  and if I’d be able to afford to have a roof over my head. That was before I realized that I really was worrying about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. It isn’t just “coming.” It’s here. I hadn’t gotten the right message.

Knowing we are in danger, when I learned that this property is available, I knew I held the key to survival in my virtual hand. I relaxed, my mind suddenly at peace. Because I really care about all of you my friends and acquaintances, let’s get together and build a safe haven.

The Big Attack is coming. That is what December 21st is about! Zombies running the world. Oy vay.

For those of you with the foresight to recognize a bargain when you see one, this is it. I’ve included a picture to whet your appetite and a link so you can check it out in greater detail.

I feel so much better now that I’ve shared and solved the biggest problem facing the world today.

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  1. Are they zombies, aliens or vampires? Or all of the above? Watch the skies! Keep watching the skies!!


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