To be a Lovely Blogger, I need new makeup!


 I cannot possibly feel sufficiently lovely without some new makeup. It’s been way too long since I reconsidered my eye shadow color. Maybe it’s time to dump the earth tones and go for something flashier … well, maybe not. Definitely not. Never mind.

Sean O’Murphy, of Very Novel: Freelance Writer to Novelist, has (among other achievements) created some of the most evil and delicious writing and blogging challenges I’ve seen to date. Not merely evil and delicious, but chocolate cake level irresistible. I’ve only recently begun to participate in these challenges. Most challenges are simple themes, but these are a cross between a writing challenge and a scavenger hunt, which is utterly cool.

Consider this:

Google Image Search the word, ‘resplendent’  and choose the image you like best and then ‘voracious’ and your favorite for that word  and write a story involving the two images. Try not to use the two words in the story.

No writer worth salt, sugar, or an advance on a novel could possibly resist such temptation. I have every intention of writing to the next challenge. If you have any sense of adventure in your heart, check it out!

Today just wasn’t my day to spend writing. Garry and I had a personal challenge to meet: our granddaughter turns 16 the day after tomorrow. Doting grandparents that we are, all other activities were set aside while we sought a proper gift, then wrapped it perfectly. Because I can never not give a gift after I have it wrapped and ready, we had to ceremoniously present it, including all appropriate expressions of affection, i.e., embarrassing displays involving kissing and hugging.

If you are not nor have ever been the owner or manager of a teenager, be advised that young men and ladies of this age find grandparently shows of affection mortifying. Her grandfather and I were unperturbed by her perturbation.

My husband has interviewed Presidents, Popes and Mother Theresa, who warned him that he should do more good stories, that the news contained too much violence.

Although his granddaughter is probably more daunting than Mother Theresa, Garry still retains enough intrepid reporter in his soul that he could ignore her protestations and plant a warm wet kiss on her reluctant cheek. Personally, I think she really likes it and the squeals are a merely a ritual expression of her emerging adulthood.

I’ve had a big bump in readership since getting the Liebster Award and Beautiful Blogger awards a couple of weeks ago.Nothing could have surprised me more than getting another, so soon after the last couple, so again, displaying my usual wit and wisdom, all I can say about this is,  “Wow! Thanks Sean!”

The Lovely Blogger Award honors sites that …

No one has the slightest clue what the Lovely Blogger award means except that you really like someone’s blog and you want to give them an award. Probably that’s more than enough. All appreciation is appreciated. How crass does one have to be to not be grateful when someone says “Hey, I like your stuff and want to give you an award.” Not me. I have never met an award I didn’t like.

The originator of “lovely blog” has not stepped forward to clarify what he or she was thinking when he or she began giving this out … and really, does it matter?

The rules state that winners should pass the award along to at least 7 more people whose sites you really like a lot. After that, each awardee (since nomination and award are the same, a nomination is an award), there are a few things to do. It’s not a gigantic demanding list of requirements, so, here they are for your enlightenment:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. I should think you wouldn’t need to be told this; simple good manners would suggest a “thank you” is in order
  • Create a link to his or her site from your own
  • Copy/paste the Lovely Blogger icon into your post.
  • Pass along 7 new tidbits about yourself
  • Nominate 7 bloggers whose sites you think are deserving of praise, and hopefully you actually do look at from time to time.

Number 1 through 3 having already been accomplished, I will proceed with 4, offering up some new tidbits about myself. Since this whole site is full of embarrassing information about myself and my family — who periodically threaten me with violence for talking about them on the internet — I feel that I must be doing my job properly. If no one is mad at you, what’s the point? But there is little about myself left to reveal, but nonetheless, I’ll give it a whirl.

  1. I have no nipples. I lost them to a double mastectomy 2 years ago next month and having had more than enough surgery for two or three lifetimes, I opted out of the fake nipples thing
  2. I have no belly button. Post surgical septic infection of my abdomen required the plastics swat team to come in and figure out how to make me not die. I lost my belly button in the process
  3. I have an excessively intimate — perhaps unnatural — relationship with my computers (currently holding at 3, but sooner or later I’ll give in and get a tablet or maybe a Chromebook)
  4. I have seen very unsettling things while reading Tarot cards. I gave up reading Tarot cards. I didn’t like seeing that stuff
  5. I believe astrology reveals a lot of truth, but I have no idea why
  6. I’m sure the light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train
  7. I have predictive dreams, more than half of them about strangers. If I don’t know who I’m dreaming about, what can I do with the information?

And the nominees are … drum roll  …

I’m delighted to have an opportunity to show off some sites that I enjoy. Most are either writers or photographers, frequently, both. Most of them manage to make me laugh or smile and some make my gasp in admiration.

The envelope please …

I hope you all appreciate my appreciation and I want you to know I genuinely appreciate you. You are the people who brighten my days, give me ideas to keep me writing and taking pictures, encourage me to believe in myself, make me think about things I’d otherwise never notice … and keep me sitting way too long in front of the computer! Bless you all and have a great weekend!


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28 replies

  1. My message left too quickly….Congratulations on your awards:) Woo-Hooy:)


  2. I did not know you were a bc survivor too:) I am at 6 years now and doing great…I had a double mastectomy with immediate tram flap reconstruction…the first surgery was 16 hours and 48 hours later once they saw my viens etc. were working well and the transplanted tissue to form the breasts were living then they took me back to surgery for 4 more hours to close up everything…I was blessed that it was not invasive as it was caught quickly and I recovered without infections of any kind…..truly a miracle:)


    • I also had immediate reconstruction, but they had to reuse the skin after removing everything in it because I didn’t have any viable skin on my abdomen (too many other surgeries there) they could work with. So I’ve got silicon implants and they look okay, as long as I’m dressed. I have a lot of ambivalent feelings about my body. Sometimes, it feels like I’m living in someone else’s body entirely. It’s good to be alive, especially since my mom died of breast cancer that had spread everywhere … and my brother died from cancer a couple of years ago too. And two grandparents also. I seem to be on the cancerous branch of the family tree. But so far, so good. It wasn’t caught so early, but it was a very non-aggressive pair of tumors (yes, one in each breast) and there was no indication of having spread. But I don’t think any of us ever rest entirely easy after cancer. You always wonder. It just takes one wandering cell … Thanks for sharing. There are so many of us. Sometimes, it seems like almost all the women I know have had breast cancer.


  3. Thank you for nominating me! I thought it must of been a typo at first, my ‘violent sounding’ site name seems to stand out for a strange reason on your list amongst other more peaceful and tranquil sounding blogs! I am beyond grateful and it’s so nice to be thought of by someone such as yourself, I’m just happy people read what I write so to be ‘awarded’ with something makes it all that little bit more worthwhile! I will also now follow the other blogs you listed, and link back to you in a few days when I get round to posting about this. Thanks again 🙂


  4. We’ll need a bigger mantle …..


  5. Hello! Thanks for linking to me in your ‘related articles’!


  6. Thank you very much for the award and the link, Teepee. If you don’t know the people in your dreams, how can you be sure they are predictive and not just a gift from your id or ego or whatever of a new story plot? Just wondering. My grandmother had predictive dreams, but she always knew the people. Sometimes I think I’ve had a predictive dream too, but have never been able to correlate a real-life event to it. In most ways, I hope I never do.


    • When I know the person in my dream, I call and warn them. I am usually taken seriously because I don’t do it lightly. It makes me feel like a carnival palm reader; The “who is that?” dreams usually show up on the next day’s news … plane crashes in particular. Like, what am I supposed to do with that “information?” It’s a horrible version of a tease, a cosmically bad joke. I cannot see any earthly reason why I need to know in advance things about which I can do nothing. Apparently precognition is neither logical nor controllable. Whatever it is that makes one sensitive to these “flashes” is randomly given to some people most of whom would as soon this “gift” go to someone who wants it.


      • I’m still of the opinion that precognitive flashes are passed down generation to generation. All of the women in my family has experienced de ja vu and other precognitive dreams or intuition over thier lives. My 1/2 brother and I are really close, I always tend to give him a call when he needs it most.

        Love what I’ve read so far in your blog. Congratulations on the awards, and thank you for stoppnig by.


        • I believe you are right. Those of my friends who have any sort of precognition have relatives, usually parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent … and in big families, often more than one sibling. I have a friend who dreamed of me when we were children and it would be years before we met … and we knew each other the moment we met. My mother was an atheist, but she held some fairly non-traditional beliefs including that plants and animals had spirits with whom she conversed.
          She didn’t see a contradiction between atheism and believing in spirits. Thank YOU for stopping by!


  7. Thank you for the recognition! It is much appreciated. 🙂


  8. I certainly do wish to thank you for nominating me for this prestigious award. I’ve only been blogging since August 29th, 2012 and barely know what I am doing. Thank you for your encouragement. – Bob


  9. It is your writing such as this that keeps me coming back for more and more! Love your style with a twist – the twist is the ever present humor that offers smiles, giggles, and often downright laughter to the bone marrow! While I receive emails on what I call massive but others might call a few (they receive thousands, I am still in first hundreds), I sometimes just have to go through and delete, delete, delete because there is just not enough time to respond to them all. But NOT yours, my friend! I don’t want to miss nary a one:>)

    Thank you for the award nomination! Great two-fold way for appreciation – receiving and giving! I love the giving part! You will hear from me soon for you are getting a SWEET award! I just have to find a way to sprinkle it with a little catnip. . .


  10. How lovely we are, indeed how lovely, talented, charming and joyous. Thanks for the pingback. Lots of online traffic today, a good day for all.



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