Dolls, Plants, and the Light From the East …

Facing east towards the deck and the woods, the morning light streams in … so the plants live in front the french doors that lead to the deck. Of course, that means we virtually never open the doors because we’d have to move the plants. So, we use the dutch door in the kitchen. But the dining room doors are lovely

On the top shelf, above the dolls, you can see three of my Tang dynasty Chinese zodiac figures. The cradle with the baby doll in it (it’s a 1950s Betsy Wetsy) … I built it from a kit and painted it myself. Underneath the cradle and the dolls is the sewing machine I don’t know how to use. But I might learn someday. Yeah, sure.

Do you see George Washington and Abraham Lincoln back there?

There are a lot more dolls in the dining room … in fact, they occupy every surface on which a doll can stand. The big green thing on the chair is my 4 string mountain dulcimer. It is beautiful. But you can’t tell because it’s in its case.

The big Dracaena Marginata has been with me for close to 12 years and urgently needs repotting. It’s so heavy and tall it is a hard for me to move it, much less re-pot it. I’m going to add some topsoil to the pot and give it a feeding and hope that will do the job. If it gets any bigger, I’ll have to re-home it anyhow.

I got the two Christmas cacti as cuttings and they bloom beautifully several times a year. Ignoring them is to the key to success. I call it “benevolent neglect.” Succulents thrive on it.

10 thoughts on “Dolls, Plants, and the Light From the East …

  1. Now, you know how you said you struggle with horror movies, and gory scenes…….well dolls to me are pretty creepy. Maybe the two go hand in hand, and I’ve seen too many horror movies, with evil dolls, but there’s just something not right about them 🙂 I actually own, funnily enough, a replica of a film doll, Billy from Saw if anyone is curious, but he creeps out my wife so much I have to store him in a box hidden away.

    I appreciate your great collection though 🙂


  2. Your office doll collection — as compared with your collections elsewhere in the house — gets more intriguing with each viewing. I just noticed the positioning of George Washington and Abe Lincoln with a woman. Looks a tad kinky to me. I know. It’s good to be the President!! Maybe I should have another cup of coffee and re examine.


  3. I love gardening, and do okay outside when I get a lot of help from nature. I’ve always been a disaster with indoor plants. Last year I got three asparagus ferns for our deck. When winter came, I brought them in and they limped by until spring when I put them back out. The dropped needles were a pain, though. I now have a big pot of a hibiscus. Someone told me I could bring it in. Do you think I should give it a try?


    • I’m exactly the opposite. I’ve always done well with indoor plants, but maybe because of my back, outdoor gardening has not been a favorite. I can’t really bend, and I get torched if I’m in the sun for more than a few minutes. I’m not much of a “flower” grower. My plants are primarily foliage, except for the Christmas cacti, but they kind of take care of themselves … all they need is light and some water once in a while. I wish I could answer your question, but I’m clueless. Try hitting Google, maybe someone has an answer. Worse case, give it a try. You have nothing to lose by trying, right?


  4. I’m sorry for butchering the English language. I need to proof my writing. Let’s try this again.

    Too many photographers claim they aren’t inspired, that they can’t find anything to shoot. I chuckle at that mindset because they haven’t seen the beauty all around them.

    From my observations of your posts your world is full of wonderful, mysterious things that are treasures to you. I can sense the tranquility in your life. So many times my favorite photographs come from just looking at the ground beneath my feet. I’m seen often on my belly, photographing daffodils in my back yard. I catch flack from British viewers as they see this species of flower as a nuisance, a weed. Evidently daffodils are prolific over there, somewhat like dandelions are here.

    Your wonderful captures always have the most marvelous natural light. I enjoy the simplicity of your composition and look for the same in my photos. Thank you for sharing your world with us.


    • I hate flash and don’t use lights, which leaves natural light. Set up shots don’t do it for me. I am enamored of natural light. Even the best studio lighting can’t beat “lighting by God Almighty.”

      Don’t know about serenity. I’m not miserable, but I’m isolated and looking to buy a lightweight scooter so I can get out into the world again.My orthopedic issues have gotten bad enough that I really can’t do much anymore. It took 45 years to catch me, so I’ve had a good run. Now, I need something motorized to give me a life again. Problem is most of them are no good “off road.” If I can’t go shoot, what’s the point? Still researching.

      I love my small treasures. I’ve always thought a house is a stage from which we draw inspiration and energy. I fill my houses with interesting things to look at, touch, play with. There should be beauty around us. Art feeds our souls the way food feeds our bodies. When I go into a house with naked walls, I wonder how they can live that way.


      • You probably realize I have limited wall space but unlimited photos. I rotate them on a regular basis. I gave up trying to upkeep a “Favorites” file on my computer. Every outing I come home with new best I’ve ever done. I’m really enjoying my hobby.


        • I have closets full of pictures and sometimes, I move things around, but mostly, I’m happy with the way it looks and leave well enough alone. I use the internet to post other pictures. I may get inspired at some point, but for now, I am content.


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