Give us your tired, your poor, then kick’em in the ass …


The news is so evil and demoralizing, that I cannot process it. I try, to the best of my ability, to avoid watching, listening, or reading about it. I can’t fix it, so all it does is make me angry and upset. I avoid it but am not always successful. Even comedy shows are dangerous. Comedians mention current events and I don’t want to know.

Refugees greet their new nation.

I seem obsessive about taking pretty pictures rather than discussing what I’m thinking. I’m not so much obsessive as trying desperately to avoid dealing with a reality I find too awful to confront. I’m trying to NOT think about anything meaningful. Can you blame me?

I really deplore what’s going on this election year. I am sickened that racism has become okay if not outright trendy. Catch the code words people use that are thinly disguised hate-speak. They fool no one but themselves.

The ocean liner Queen Mary passes the Statue of Liberty as she enters New York Harbor after completing her first voyage to the United States on June 1, 1936. (AP Photo)

Today … again … hating immigrants is fashionable, expressed by people whose parents and grandparents were themselves immigrants. ALL of us are immigrants — really, worse than immigrants. We are despoilers who dispossessed and slaughtered the native population to take their lands and destroy them.

President Franklin Roosevelt, speaks on the 50th anniversary of the erection of the State of Liberty in New York, on Oct. 28, 1936. He declared that, “To the message of Liberty which America sends to all the world must be added her message of peace.” (AP Photo/Preston Stroup)

Who granted us that right? It seems we granted ourselves the right.  We wanted it and declared it our God given right to grab it. To the best of my knowledge, God never weighed in on the issue. More’s the pity.

We have an ugly track record and much to answer for, something we completely ignore as we self-righteously treat newcomers to this country as if we ourselves are not the bloodiest of intruders.

I take pictures of waterfalls and trees. Of the oncoming of a new season that I hope does not herald another appalling chapter in man’s inhumanity to man and my reluctant participation in a process that makes me alternately depressed and ashamed.

A steady stream of tourists from everywhere in the U.S. and many from foreign lands, visit the Statue of Liberty (background) in New York August 4, 1946 which rises from an almost 150-foot pedestal. This height of the base of the 152-foot figure was necessary to make Miss Liberty impervious to the high winds of the bay. (AP Photo/FS)

As my neighbors … the people who wave the flag of which I’d like very much to be proud …  spout words that are mindless repetitions of crap they’ve heard on propaganda machines like Fox news, I wonder what went wrong? How come we seem to have bred a generation of morons too stupid to recognize their own best interests? Do they realize that they are spitting on the flag they claim to love?

As a nation, we have lost ourselves. We have traded our souls to the Devil … and I hope we have one Hell of a long spoon, because as you may recall, dining with the Devil rarely works out well for the dinner guests.

Our flag flies over our local Revolutionary War era cemetery in the middle of town.

As for me, I’m back to pictures of waterfalls and autumn leaves. They won’t hurt me. They remind me that the earth somehow endures, despite our best efforts to kill it. Maybe our nation will survive too, even though we seem determined to destroy all the good we ever represented.


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6 replies

  1. I have to put myself in Bob’s category. . .nothing to Like but unfortunately you hit the nail on the head! Our nation is on a downhill run and not for a gold medal at the end of the line. It saddens me so much but what can I do, what can we do, other than support America to the best of our ability but even then the question still remains. Politics, I hate, because it is just a numbers and money game. Who will win in the end? Not the American people I am afraid.

    I wish I could reblog this one but don’t have the capability on blogspot. I am going to and Pin it.


    • I have always loved presidential elections. It was, from when I was old enough to understand what was going on, my sport of choice, my version of the Olympics. How dreadfully it has changed. I feel like a stranger in my own land. Where did America go? What happened to us? An entire segment of the population has lost the ability to think. They accept any lie that agrees with whatever opinions or prejudices they hold and don’t care if it’s true, as long as it reinforces their existing beliefs. I find it frightening and depressing. I thought we were smarter than this, better than this. Apparently not. I never imagined living to see this horror show. I dread what is yet to come.


  2. I can’t blame you for favoring photos of nature, waterfalls, trees, wild animals and flowers. The peoples we displaced in this land in order to call it our own, were quite aware of the value of nature and called it “Mother”. Others of us, who appreciated our own parcel of nature, were dragged here against our will, and forced to build this American dream…, and then were kicked in the ass by being denied any ownwership of the dream.

    Waterfalls and flowers seem to be the only indication that nature will win out in the end. The natural order of things “natural” doesn’t change. Nature doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. Man seems to want to be evreything…, including God.


  3. Some topics don’t lend themselves to the “Like” button. This is one of them. In our daily discussions at the McDonald’s coffee clutch we all agree on one sad realization, our nation is broken. We kick around the party platforms that are spoken out of one side of the mouth or another. I suppose it would be an oxymoron to use the term honest and politician in the same breath. I refuse to sit here and listen to one second of the upcoming “debates”. I’m tired of the madness being reinforced day in and day out.

    I’m withdrawing from the process to get food stamps. I’m certainly qualified to receive assistance but just no longer wish to be on the roles that now top 50% of Oregon’s population. Or is it 47%?


    • Forgot food stamps, for the moment, or at least, don’t hold your breath. But do find out where the local food bank(s) is(are). They will help and require virtually no paperwork. All they want to know is if you are hungry and to make sure that “you are you,” i.e., bring identification (utility bills) that proves you are part of the town they serve. Food banks are very local to a particular community so if you are in the wrong place, they will tell you where you should go. These places are Godsent.

      They have kept us alive through some hard times and my son and his family too. The people who run these these as well as the local groceery stores, churches, and businesses who support them deserve God’s blessing. They certainly have mine.


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