Month: October 2012

The original smart phones …

Just because it made me laugh … Get Smart (TV Series 1965–1970) – IMDb Bumbling Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 for CONTROL, with a great deal of help from his competent partner Agent 99, battles the forces of KAOS – Starring Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt. Related… Read More ›

She’s On Her Way

By the time we got to Walmart, there wasn’t any bottled drinking water left except for the expensive stuff that always tastes to me like polluted water. Yuk. So we bought one large trash can (plastic, with wheels, Rubber Maid),… Read More ›

Young Swans

These are from last year. I don’t know which of them I’ve published, but I think just one or two maybe and a while ago at that. These are immature mute swans. They will be white at maturity. These are… Read More ›