Mark Harmon Signs For More ‘NCIS’

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As the series ratings reach a new all-time high, CBS inks a deal with star Mark Harmon for at least two more years of ‘NCIS.’…


We are very big NCIS fans. It’s one of the few bright spots in our television week, so I’m thrilled that we can expect at least a couple of more years of this great show.

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11 thoughts on “Mark Harmon Signs For More ‘NCIS’

  1. I too am an NCIS fan, from the beginning. To me there are only 3-4 series on TV worth watching, NCIS, OPB’s Oregon Artbeat & Fox network’s Fringe. I’ve been watching Revolution and Last Resort in the new series pool.


  2. Likewise I’m also an NCIS fan, and recently gotten into “Fringe”. I love Abby and , of course, the Israeli gal Ziva. Not to mention David McCullum from the Man from UNCLE days. So.., two more seasons of Gibbs smacking DiNozzo on the back of the…, Cool!


    • Garry was a Fringe follower, then he just drifted away from it. It got a bit weird for my taste. I liked it at first. STill love NCIS, though. Ziva is a great Israel and speaks Hebrew quite well and with a good accent, but she’s really American of Chilean parents. I think she speaks a lot of languages very well… and first and foremost, she’s a singer. A very good one. I’m a fan. I look this stuff up 🙂


  3. Other than DiNozzo’s surreally insensitive behavior, I love NCIS. It’s one of our bright spots as we plunk down and spend an hour lost in the machinations of the forensic bunch. Add to that list Bones, although I am getting sort of sick of the “let’s-play-house” nonsense between Booth and Temperance. Did’ja see that guy with the dug-up, de-skulled face slurped all over his shirt on Bones? Yucck. Dr. Mallard’s recent temper tantrum was a little over the top on NCIS though.


    • Every show seems to require one really annoying character. It’s part of a formula for TV shows that have even a hint of humor. There’s that irritating guy/gal you just want to whack on the head. At Gibbs does give Tony a whack at least once per show. Every time he does it, we cheer.

      I think they are just trying to give McCallum a bit more to do. It’s nice to see McCallum working. Do you remember the show where someone said to Gibbs that Ducky reminded him of someone and Gibbs said “Yeah, Ilya Kuryakin.” Garry and I fell off the love seat, laughing.


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