Coney Island after Hurricane Sandy

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CONEY ISLAND, NEW YORK—Despite rumors of looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there was no evidence of mobs near the area’s famous boardwalk this afternoon. around the usually bustling landmark was eerily abandoned.

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The Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel survived. The oldest things made it through the storm. The beach has sustained serious damage and nobody is talking about the boardwalk, but we can hope.


8 thoughts on “Coney Island after Hurricane Sandy

    • I removed and put it back using ScoopIt. The Reblog looked awful, so I redid it. Same post, just better presentation and I added a couple of pictures (because I could 🙂


    • I don’t have any close ups, though it is in the background of several pictures. It’s on the other end of the boardwalk from the rest of the rides, so we didn’t usually go down that way — thus no pictures except from a distance. It looks as it always has. It’s just a tower. It survived the storm fine. The needle was damaged. Some sheathing fell off, but it doesn’t seem to be serious. All the rides seem to be okay — waterlogged, but okay. It’s the beach and boardwalk that took the serious hit. It’s hard to replace half a beach that has washed away. If they can restore the beach, it should allow them to rebuild the boardwalk. A real pity to loe that boardwalk. It was a work of beauty.


        • It’s sad and strange. This is hardly the first hurricane. I grew up in New York and we were hit by hurricanes many times just in my lifetime. We had the eye pass over our house on two occasions. There’s been a public beach at Coney Island since the early 1800s. The boardwalk was built in 1923. The Jersey shore and Coney Island always came through fine. Something about the size and the direction of this storm? Sandy was barely category 1 at landfall. Much stronger storms have hit the area. but this one caused much more damage.


    • Thanks. It answered a few questions I had. I scooped it because I’ve had a bunch of questions from people who want to know what happened to specific areas. Hope you are doing okay. We’re fine.


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