Summer lives on though snow is falling

The true joy of photography is its ability to preserve moments in time … and time itself. The seasons pass quickly and the flowers of spring fade into summer then autumn and before you have a chance to catch your breath, snowflakes are drifting past your windows.

But I have summer. I caught it and I caught the flowers of springtime and summer, this summer and the summers that have passed. The year that hollyhocks grew as tall as the house and the clematis climbed all the way to the top of the basketball hoop … until the storm came that took down the hoop and the clematis was no more … and some kind of fungus killed the hollyhocks and they too never came back.

I have them, though. I have them safe and hopefully, forever. So as the snow drifts down and I air out my sweaters because the time has come for warm and cozy clothing as the house gets chilly enough to finally have to turn the heat up. It will be months now until it’s green again.

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