We live in a nation of laws … even when it’s not easy or convenient.

Today I read a rant on Facebook by someone who still can’t accept the cruel reality that the election ended and his candidate lost. He declares that President Barack Obama is not his president, will never be his president. As if he gets to pick his own personal President, separate from the inconvenience of a legal election.


I feel obliged to point out that if you are an American citizen, the legally elected President of the United States is your President, whether you like him, voted for him — or not. If you are unhappy with the results of the election and you are a citizen of this nation, you have only two choices.

  1. Obey the laws of this country including accepting the duly elected President as your President and as your Commander-in-Chief.
  2. Abandon your identity as an American, renounce your citizenship, and move to another country if you can find one that will have you.

There is no other choice until 2016 and there’s no guarantee that you’ll like the results of that election any better than you liked this one. Until then, Barack Obama is your president, my president, and the President of every other citizen of this country. You do not have a choice. This is a nation of laws which we follow even when it’s not convenient or easy. That is the price you pay for living in a democracy.

You cannot claim to be a patriot while simultaneously rejecting our system of government. I have lived through presidencies of men I thoroughly disliked, for whom I didn’t vote, and who I thought were harming our nation and myself, but I never had the temerity– or disrespect — to declare that the President wasn’t my President.

I believe in our system of government, laws, and justice system. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than most. I don’t make a big deal about it. I don’t wrap myself in the flag. I just follow the laws, try to work within the system to effect change. I vote. I don’t trust people who make a big fuss about how patriotic they are. The more noise they make, the more I wonder what they are hiding.

I’m fed up with self-declared patriots who are not merely unpatriotic, but actually treasonous. If you don’t like our system of government, go somewhere you like better, but don’t tell me you’re a patriot. You’re not.

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  1. Very well said, Marilyn! I must agree with you that it is time for the whining, as well as the gloating, to END! Let’s get on with the issues at hand to keep America strong based on the fundamentals by which our country was founded. Granted there were many mishaps, misguidings, and tragedies that should never have happened but that is America’s history which cannot be changed. Scooping this one. . .


    • Yes, it really is time for the gloaters and the whiners to pack it in. Gee WHIZ. Let it go. What a bunch of weenies. Of course there have been mistakes … huge ones … from day one when we decided to keep slavery around and let a later generation deal it, to wars we should never have fought, laws that should never have passed … and I’m sure we’ll make plenty more mistakes. Government and the world is never perfect, but time to get on with things and stop rehashing the past. Stop bashing each other, gloating, whining, insulting each other. Really, we wouldn’t tolerate this behavior from toddlers, so it’s incomprehensible from supposed grown ups.



  1. We live in a nation of laws … even when it’s not easy or convenient. | America | Scoop.it

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