Let it snow …

Just seemed like the right moment … New England and snow, like horse and carriage. Some of these pictures you may have seen before, others not. But until we have new snow, I’ll have to make do with the snows of winters past.

Old #2 in winter

This is old Number Two in the winter … growing old in the empty lot across from the post office … a little more faded with each passing season.

Two Red Chairs - First Snow

Two red lawn chairs, the remembrance of summer so recently passed are bright against the monochromatic snowy woods.

The Deck

The back porch after the first dusting of snow. It’s barely a dusting and will be gone in a matter of hours, but it’s early in the season. Who knows what the season will bring us?

Rimed With Ice

Late Winter Dawn

About 6AM in early March. Sunrise through the trees in my woods. Very late winter … soon, spring.

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4 replies

  1. Looks wonderful but cold. I like Austin’s weather for the most part but I would be nice to photograph snow once in a while.


  2. The dusting is lovely. Oh, to have it remain just a dusting!!


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