I wake up too early …

There’s not much to do at 5 am in late December around here. The dogs are endlessly enthusiastic about seeing me, mainly because they figure on getting a few biscuits out of the deal. I can drink coffee, greet the dogs, take a look at what’s going on with the weather …

December Dawn 1

I was up so early that the sun was still rising so I grabbed a couple of cameras (easier than changing lenses) and took some pictures of the dawn. From my back deck, I face more or less eastward … a bit skewed to north, but this time of year, that’s where the sun rises. You can only see sunrise from the deck when the leaves are off the trees. In the summer, the horizon is hidden by foliage.


And meanwhile, back in the kitchen, I can count on the bright shiny faces of my furry kids. I actually got a shot of Nan before she realized I had a camera and showed me her backside. I don’t even use a flash. Why are they so mean about this? Oof.

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    • Entirely made up for by how disgusting it is this morning. Yuk!! Slush, sleet, freezing rain ,,, Horrible. And it’s raining buckets. Or sleeting. Hard to tell.


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