The early light just after dawn always has a special quality. Its color varies from season to season, more golden or amber in Autumn, deep yellow in summer, pale, almost pink in springtime.  This time of year, full winter, there’s slate bluish light.

Just after sunrise, it’s pale yellow … but after that, for a brief few minutes, it blushes to a pink that paints the whole woods in its light.

This morning, there was a light powdering of snow across the ground and on the deck. It was gone by mid morning … but thanks to the magic of digital photography, the memories linger on.

Early light on a dusting of snow …

3 thoughts on “Early light on a dusting of snow …

    • It’s been slushing all day. I would call it snow, but it’s too wet and yucky for that. Looks pretty, but it makes the roads as slick as glass. Great weather for totalling your car. It was on just such a night that my Acura bit the big one by trying to fuse with a telephone pole. Garry was lucky to get nothing worse than a concussion and we’ve both been extremely wary since about driving in this kind of weather. Deep snow is safer. At least you have some traction on that. But it sure is pretty … as long as you don’t have to go anywhere.


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