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  1. where’s that groundhog anyway? i’ve got a shadow for him.

    or is it the other way around?

    no wonder i’m freezing.


  2. I lived in the East for a few years. We never had a lack of snow. In fact, we used to get snowed in at least twice every winter – we lived in the country.

    It gets cold down there in New Brunswick and can recall many a dark evening waiting for the bus … as the wind blew through me. it couldn’t bother going around.

    Another fun event was when we’d shovel our driveway out .. and the snowplow would come along and fill it back up.

    One year my brother Chris and I found a pair of old wooden cross-country skis in a shack. So, instead of using them properly, we decided to nail some boards across them and make a sled. After we nearly killed ourselves a couple of times (that thing went where IT wanted to go – and fast) we abandoned it.

    Aw memories ….

    I’d go back in an instant.


    • The first year we lived here, we were enchanted by the snow, or at least for the first few feet of it. By mid January, what with it snowing more or less every day and the snow plow not merely blocking the driveway but knocking over the mail box (we discovered that’s why you DON’T cement them in place … easier to stand them back up after they get knocked over), the enchantment was wearing thin. It’s always beautiful … but it’s such a mess. The driveway is slick, the car is covered in ice, the dogs are covered in ice and snow. We have a long driveway which is approximately the length and angle of the bunny slope at a ski resort … and getting up to the cars, which have to park at the top or they won’t get to the road at all, is scary. I fall, I stay fallen. I don’t bounce. The year before last, we had to have the roof shoveled because there was so much snow up there it was going to cave the roof in. Ah, the fun never stops.

      Have I mentioned the mud? There’s always the mud …


  3. Just think, only 11 more weeks of winter!! 😦


  4. You expanded the picture with the red chairs…additional red! LOVE IT! Snow looks ‘cool’! heehee It is beautiful:>)


  5. I think it is MY FAULT after telling Janelle and others that we only received a dusting. Clearly, the furry kids love it. Not so their DogFather.


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