Out of action

Usually, I’m aiming for a catchy title, but I have to tell you this is not a catchy title. I really am out of action.

I have a bad back. It’s been a mess since I was a kid falling off one horse too many. It was rebuilt in 1967 — a fusion and laminectomy using saws and chisels — because  that was long before micro surgical techniques.

I'm a four and a half. Apparently that means I'm disable. I sure feel disabled right now.

I’m a four and a half. Apparently that means I’m disabled. I sure feel disabled right now.

I’ve had a lot of problems with my back over the years and the fusion, which was bone paste made from a piece of my hip, began to disintegrate about 25 years ago, to be replaced by a massive invasion and a virtual sheathing of arthritic calcification. That’s not altogether bad. Without the arthritis, I’d literally fall apart.

A couple of weeks ago, after months of bursitis in my hips making it more and more painful and difficult for me to do much of anything, I went to the neurologist in Boston. I had a couple of cortisone shots in my hips that overnight made my it possible for me to walk again. I was thrilled.

A few days later, what had been a nagging pain in my back morphed from something I could ignore, to something that demanded I deal with it. Immediately. For the last couple of days, I’ve spent all my time trying to find anything that would make it stop hurting.

Today, I gave up, took the heating pad and my agonized spine and went to bed where I’ve been all day and will probably return in an hour or two. The way it’s feeling right now, I might be back in bed sooner than that.

I’m quite literally out of action. In the 45 years since my spinal surgery, with all the problems I’ve had, I’ve never been laid out like this. I’ve been in a lot of pain, yes, but somehow, I’ve managed to gut it out. This time, I just can’t. If you don’t hear from me, that’s why.

I know I am far from the only one with back problems, but somehow I thought what with all the rest stuff I’ve gone through, all the medical crises, the uncountable numbers of surgeries, that somehow I was going to manage to miss this particular one. Apparently not. Please accept my apologies. I’ll write when I can sit up long enough without screaming in pain and I mean that literally.

Assuming doctors are back from vacation after New Year‘s, I will seek medical assistance. I’m assured that cortisone in my spine might actually help. I’m pretty desperate and right now, a needle or two in my spine sounds like a great idea.

17 thoughts on “Out of action

    • Nothing sincerely meant is cheesy. I would try anything, but it snowed last night and until it gets cleared away, no one is going anywhere to get anything. Quite a lot of The White Stuff out there. I guess we aren’t getting a pass against snow this winter. I had hoped.


      • Hope the new heating pads help, Mrs A. I felt a little relief using the “hubby heating pad” for which I am very grateful. The big heat is impressive but I think we have a ways to go. At least we’re back from eternity. However, today’s snow makes any motoring out a perilous journey. So, I hope we can make do with what we have. Tomorrow is another day. Love You. Mr. A.


    • Thanks. This is my morning grace period where I can move until it gets me. I need to scarf down as much coffee as I can and process a few pictures before I crash and burn. It snowed last night … a real snow, about 8 inches I’d say … and I took a few shots earlier. I wish I could go our and tramp around to get some even better shots. It is beautiful out there, but I’ve been out of bed an hour and everything is starting to hurt . I hope this ends soon. It is cramping my style!!!!!


  1. I hit the Like button not because I LIKE your situation but because I like the fact you let us know what is going on. Believe me there would be worry should you not be in the blogosphere for a few days without leaving word. So sorry about all the pain…same here but not me and not the back. Jim has been down for days and can hardly walk. We ALL have to get well and soon! Hugs to help you feel better!


    • Aside from the pain and discomfort, there’s the frustration of not being able to do normal stuff The unavoidable things — like going to the bathroom — becomes such a big deal.

      The “like” button I have come to accept as just a way of saying “Hi, I was here, I hear you” so I don’t take it the wrong way. This has been a rough holiday season and a difficult year for so many of us. I hope next year is better, but right now, I’m just hoping I’ll be able to do something in a few more days. It does seem a bit better today. Not nearly better enough.

      I wish the best to you and Jim … and to us and to my friends. We are all getting older and whatever has been wrong with us tends to be worse. We get more tired,so dealing with it is more stressful with the passage of time.

      We don’t get a choice about this sort of thing. We don’t get to decide and despite our best intentions, “mind over matter” only takes you so far. Let’s just hope for a healther year to come and at least some kind of return to a more normal life. Hugs from up north!!


  2. It sounds a lot like degenerative disc disease to me. I’m sure this lovely cold weather isn’t making you any too comfortable either. Keep cuddling with the hubby and the heating pad although a visit to the doctor might be in your immediate future. Rest up and feel better soon. Hugs to heal with too. (((((((((Marilyn))))))))))


    • I had planned a series of spine numbing injections for the new year … but there are no doctors around right now. Everyone is off and I have a new medical plan for 2013, so I’ve got some stuff to work out. I have mostly the same doctors, but there are also some changes. Yes, it is degenerative but it is spondylolythesis, so things are pretty much as degnerated as they will get. What gets worse is the arthritis, but the arthritis is what keeps me glued together. Other than pain relief, there really isn’t much to be done. Thank God for heating pads and adjsutable beds!!


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