Happy New Year! Bye bye 2012 … Welcome 2013!

2013 is finally here and I, for one, bid a less than fond farewell to 2012!

Here are the First Night fireworks from Boston to bring in the 2013 with a bang!!

May your year be peaceful, healthy, happy, and uneventful!

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  1. I actually went to several of the NY New Year’s Eve things. A couple of times for work and once on my own dime. Shirley MacLaine never showed up to kiss me and I couldn’t hear Auld Lang Syne — IF they were playing it. The crowds smelled of booze, regurgitated cheer and needed hygiene. You’re better off watching it on TV!!


    • I always watched the Times Square thing on TV and knew it was not for me. I hate large crowds, was sure someone would puke on me and/or lift my wallet. This is why television was invented: so we don’t have to really GO there.


  2. Thanks for posting this…my fireworks for the evening:>)


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