My world in white — Happy New Year!


It started snowing yesterday afternoon. I first knew because the dogs came in covered with snow. It had looked like snow would be coming … white snow sky … but it seemed too warm for it to really stick. But, as snow so often does here in the valley, it just kept coming and as evening approached, the temperature dropped.

Straight across into the woods.

The snow continued after dark and when I got up this morning, there was quite a bit on the ground, perhaps 6 or 7 inches. Real snow, the kind that hangs around until it melts or is dug away.

First Snow - Deck 1

My back is still treacherously bad, but I had to at least take a few pictures. It wasn’t so deep that I couldn’t get out onto the back deck, so I provided a round of biscuits to my frantic pups, then grabbed the camera and my new wide-angle lens and took pictures. This is the first real snow of this winter, though it is likely last snow of 2012.

Woods and chairs

Last year, the snowless year, was a glitch in the weather. I hoped we might get another snowless year, but obviously that isn’t happening. Welcome to my world in winter. Fresh snow, so white, so pretty, so … cold.

Facing east

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  1. hello friend

    The Old Year
    Has Gone,
    Let The Dead Past
    Bury Its Own Dead,
    The New Year Has
    Taken Possession
    Of The Clock Of Time.
    All Hail, The Duties And
    Possibilities Of
    The Coming 12 Months
    Happy New Year 2013


  2. So, I ventured out into the winter wonderland for a groceries run. After cleaning the snow off Marilyn’s car, making the groceries run and returning home, my back is scolding me. Bah, Humbug!!


  3. As you folks wax poetic about the snow, I have to go out in the stuff to make a basic grocery run. I HATE it!! It’s probably karma come back to bite me in the tush after all my years of Currier & Ives TV descriptions of New England’s winter wonderland.


  4. That table on the deck looks familiar. If it has a glass top (hard to tell under all the snow), we used to have one like that.

    And I like the bright red lawn chairs. Where did you find those?


    • You will see many of my pictures repeated in various seasons. I have trouble getting out these days and tend to take a lot of pictures on my own property, many from the back deck — my closest piece of “outside.”. The red chairs are Walmart el cheapo aluminum folding lawn chairs that happened to be red. We’ve owned them in blue, green etc. over the years too. Not sturdy but cheap.

      The glass table is something else. Back when we still had incomes, we bought expensive deck furniture. The table has a frame made of steel? Aluminum? It’s heavy, anyway, plus a thick glass top that’s kind of … I don’t know what you call it, but it isn’t clear, it’s got a textured surface and is slightly tinted with a hint of white — translucent rather than transparent. Matching chairs plus a lounge chair. We’ve had them since we moved here and they seem essentially unchanged by 13 years of being outside in all seasons, proving that there *is *a difference between the good stuff and the Walmart crap.


  5. I remember what it was like to touch snow. For all my celebrating our mild Texas winters, your pix make me miss the tactile experience of snow. (Fingertips. Not down the back of my neck or melting inside my boots.)


    • All my snowbird and other escapee friends who live in warmer, gentler climes are waxing sentimental about snow. Ah, the beauty of it. Bah humbug, I say! Maybe I should take more pix of people falling down on slick sidewalks, freezing as they try to chip their windshields free of ice, trying to clean off a 200 foot driveway of several tons of lovely whiteness. We are currently up to our shins in beauty, with more on the way … locals are deep into dreading the next 11 or 12 weeks. Fond memories of snow — when one no longer gets snow — are like fond memories of an abusive relationship after the bastard is safely dead.


  6. Such beautiful scenes! How I miss the hushed, silent, beautiful, white Winters of my childhood.


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