Pain isn’t always a warning … sometimes, it’s just pain

It’s remarkable how much pain a non-lethal medical problem — like a bad disc in your back or an intestinal spasm — can cause …. while you can be incubating a heart attack, stroke, or cancer without pain or any other symptoms.

My back is never going to kill me. It’s a disaster and hurts like bloody hell. It makes life difficult, but that’s all it will do. The pain may be worse or better, but that’s it. Misery without end, but not life-threatening. I get esophageal and intestinal spasms that mimic a heart attack so well I’ve been hospitalized because of them until they were diagnosed and are now controlled by, ironically, nitroglycerin tabs. They are considered “medically insignificant,” but the pain they cause is breathtaking to the point where I can’t speak and am almost paralyzed by pain. My husband recognizes the symptoms and can flawlessly find my pills in under a minute, including running down the hallway to the bedroom, coming back, and depositing two of them under my tongue.

Meanwhile, I had cancer in both breasts, but no symptoms.

Go figure.

6 thoughts on “Pain isn’t always a warning … sometimes, it’s just pain

  1. I live with pain on a daily basis. At 63 that’s not unusual. I have gout, and something akin to bursitis in my right shoulder. Both are annoying sorts of pain. They inhibit quick movement and can cause discomfort just tearing open a packet of Splenda. I never thought I’d see the day when it hurts to pull up a fly. LOL

    I almost died from congestive heart failure in 2005, being saved by a trauma team at our local hospital. My blood pressure, when admitted, was 255/150. I was blue & not breathing very well at all. The team put me on intravenous Nitro Glycerin. That stuff works fast but gives you an instant super headache. I was so out of it when the brought me to the emergency room I didn’t my head about to explode after just 5 minutes on Nitro.

    Each year or so I seem to add another annoying pain, be it joint, tendon pain or cramps. Just enough constant pain to let me know I’m still alive but getting old. 🙂


  2. At 70, I’m the oldest kid in our house and, apparently, I’m also the fittest. Being fit, however, doesn’t spare me from from many of the aches mentioned elsewhere. We have a plague of bad backs in our family right now. Marilyn gets the crown for having the baddest bad back. Our Daughter-In-Law had to go to the ER yesterday because of her back problems. My Stepson goes to work everyday with a bad back. Our 16 year old Granddaughter has back problems. My back problems evolved from doing unwise things at work. Decades and one back surgery later, it’s not pretty. But, again, I’m the fittest here and stuff has to be done. (End titles and music up full)


  3. Backs, they suck!! Mine is a mess because of a car accident in 1979 when I was rear ended at a stop sign and pushed under an 18-wheeler breaking my back in two places. It took almost a year to learn to walk again and physical therapy for months after that. As I age it is getting much worse but I’ll live. Mark has had two back surgeries for ruptured discs as his father had had before him at the same old age of 24. Matthew was just in a car accident where he was rear ended on 290 when a deer crossed in front of the car in front of him. He managed to miss hitting anyone but ended up being hit by the guy behind him who bounced off the car he had just avoided hitting and then slamming into him causing a bulging disc and a fractured Coccyx . He is trying desperately to avoid surgery by having physical therapy. Melissa injured her back when she was 16 on our trampoline when another jumper landed on top of her. So far our 18 month old grandson is doing fine with his back. Good thing, because he’s going to end up taking care of the rest of us. LOLOL.


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