Ghost Photographer

Off we went to a party in downtown Boston, at the W Hotel. Out here in central Massachusetts, we have a layer of snow on the ground … but there’s no snow, nor any sign of there having been any snow, in the city. Guess it’s one of those country things.

The husband and I were going to a fundraiser. We don’t have any funds, but Garry is still a recognizable person and we are a presentable couple. We clean up well.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Garry and I knew quite a few people. That people know Garry is not unusual or for that matter, that he knows them. What is rare is when anyone recognizes me. Nice.

Reflections of Me

From a photographic point of view, it was challenging. I had a camera  inadequate to the task. Bad lighting. Flourescent too, so everyone looked green. There was too much light to use the flash most of the time, but not enough light to shoot without flash. It was also crowded; I’m too short to shoot over people.

Which means I took a lot of pictures; I had no idea how they’d look when I put them up on the monitor at home.

Most of my favorites are the ones I thought least likely to succeed. Many that looked good when reviewed in the camera were soft and grainy at home. Or, to put it another way, blurry and noisy.

I’m developing a real love for shooting in the city at night. I love the lights, especially when streets are wet and reflective.

This event was on the third floor of the hotel. Like most modern buildings, it offers no access to the outside except from the ground floor. Usually I won’t shoot through window glass. Reflections, refraction, and good old-fashioned dirt make it impossible to know if you’ve got anything usable. But the view was great. Lights, angles, cars, people and slightly wet pavement. Cool.

If I wanted the shot, it was through glass or not at all.

Focus and Frame

I shot through the glass. When I first saw my reflection in the glass, my immediate instinct was to try to find an angle without my reflection. Then I changed my mind. The image in the glass combined with the view of the street produced a ghost-like self-portrait, an interestingly disembodied me: a ghost photographer in the sky.

Ironically, these are some of the better pictures of me in recent years. Sad but true.

You may notice I’m using my little Canon point and shoot. I take it everywhere because it’s small, light, and if something happened to it, I would not be nearly as upset as I’d be if something happened to my Olympus or one of the lenses.

If the best camera is the one you have with you, then this is my best camera because it’s always with me. I’ll have to think about that.