ANIMUSIC — Resonant Chamber

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I published this a while back, but I thought it deserved another appearance. I find the music haunting. There’s just something about it. It is amazing and beautiful. Turn up your speakers, then watch, listen and be awestruck!

Click on the graphic (above) to see the entire production.

Animusic specializes in the 3D visualization of MIDI-based music. Founded by Wayne Lytle, it was originally called Visual Music. It became Animusic in 1995.

The company is famous for its futuristic computer animations in which the music actually drives the animation so that the visual and the music precisely correspond. This is as close to “seeing music” as you can come.

Although other musical animation productions exists, there are differences. The models for Animusic are created first, then are programmed to do what the music “tells them.” Instruments appear to be playing themselves …  instruments that could never exist yet somehow seem entirely plausible. Many people, on first seeing an Animusic production ask if the instrument or instruments really exist. They are startlingly realistic.

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7 replies

  1. Thanks for the repeat…I do remember it! Still magnificent!


    • I just love it. Some things really don’t get old.


      • I just listened to it again. It is not just the music but the synchronization of the fingers. If you watch really closely, it is as though each one is ‘thinking’ out the next note. Not really sure how to put it into words exactly. It is magical!


        • That’s actually how they do it. You are seeing “visual music.” The animations ARE responding to the music. In essence, the music ‘programs’ the animated fingers, so you are effecitvely “seeing” music. Give me the chills and it’s sooo pretty.


  2. Thank you. I really enjoyed that! 🙂


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