Lots of Snow

I could not go very far. To be exact, I could go as far as the snowblower had gone before and could take pictures only until my fingers froze. I had wanted to go back towards the woods, but the snow is just about up to my waist, so that’s a non starter, which is why all of the pictures I took today were shot from the bottom of our driveway.


My plan to explore was short-circuited by a wall of snow. It is a lot of snow.


We were fresh from the city when we bought the house. Neither of us noticed it had a driveway that could easily double as the bunny slope for skiers. I suppose we would have bought it anyhow, but it’s a lot of driveway, especially when it’s buried under 3 feet (more or less) of snow.

Just Past Midnight

We didn’t get the wind or the wrath of God that all the meteorologists on television were predicting. It was not snowmageddon nor the end of the world as we know it. But, by one in the morning, it was clear we were going to be digging out from under a lot of snow, more than we had seen in several winters and possibly the largest single storm in years.


Just before I went to bed, I managed to push the door to the deck open enough to poke half of me outside. The snow was falling so fast and so densely, you can see it. That’s not a screen … it’s falling snow.

This photograph was shot during the height of the storm, Captain Nemo, the Blizzard of 2013. Technically, it wasn’t a blizzard, but for the sake of argument, I’ll let it stand. They only named it Nemo, but I felt Captain belonged there too. This was a storm worthy of a salute.

Winter Time Poem for Children


Winter Time Poem

by Mary Ryer

Icy fingers, icy toes,
Bright red cheeks and bright red nose.
Watch the snowflakes as they fall,
Try so hard to count them all.
Build a snowman way up high,
See if he can touch the sky.
Snow forts, snowballs, angels, too,
In the snow, so white and new.
Slip and slide and skate so fast.
Wintertime is here at last.