An Irish Honeymoon

It seems like a dream after almost 23 years. Even while we were there, driving the twisting country roads -- inevitably lost -- Ireland had a dreamlike quality that made it perfect for a honeymoon. Friends were surprised at our plans to honeymoon in Ireland. "But you aren't Irish," they said, foreheads wrinkled with puzzlement. Why do … Continue reading An Irish Honeymoon

Super Bowl of Dogdom: Westminster, Part I

Our version of the Superbowl, tonight is the first night of the Westminster Kennel Club show. This is our event. I've been watching Westminster since I was a kid and except for years when I lived overseas, I've never missed it. And the first night's results are in. It was an American Foxhound in the Hound group. … Continue reading Super Bowl of Dogdom: Westminster, Part I