Glowering Sky



The weather is changing. The rain is ending and tomorrow will be a bright day, but colder. You can see bits of blue sky showing through the clouds. About half the snow has washed away, but there is so much more remaining.

Still testing the Canon Powershot S100 and very much liking my results. Finally, a good camera small enough to tote anywhere I go without loading me down.

Super Bowl of Dogdom: Westminster, Part II

Its day two, and we are not going to miss a thing. It’s our version of the Superbowl, the Westminster Kennel Club show.

Last night’s results were:

An American Foxhound in the Hound group.

Non-sporting went to a Bichons Frises.

The Affenpinscher as the toy group winner.

 In the Herding Group, the Old English Sheepdog won (yay).

Now for tonight’s winners.

For Sporting Dogs, the winner was one of my favorites and it’s the first time the breed has taken the group. It’s the Pointer (German Wirehaired), a handsome dog with a great face. Not a dog for everyone, it’s one of the dogs that needs a job. Failing a job, they will make their own job … redoing your landscaping, reupholstering your furniture, replacing your wiring.

In the Working group, to many peoples’ surprise, the winner was Portuguese  Water Dog. It that because the President has one? It was a come from behind win … the Doberman Pinscher was favored and I think was really the better dog. But at this level, they are all great dogs.

The Terriers were up next, and we had a lot of fuzzy faces to root for here. Of course we hoped for one of our kids, a Scottie or a Norwich, but it was Smooth Fox Terrier — a fine dog with a lot of attitude. Terriers are the ultimate “attitude” group and are not called “terrorists” for nothing.

And then finally, it’s time for best in show. For those of you that love dogs and haven’t seen the movie, “Best In Show,” see it. It’s funny and it hits the nail on the head. The crazy, hyper competitive world of dogs. Showing dogs is a sport, something that people forget, and those that compete in it are as competitive as players in any other sport. The dogs are competitors too. Don’t believe for a moment that you force a dog to be a good show dog. A dog that doesn’t like being shown, that doesn’t play to the judge and the crowd is not going to do well. These dogs are having a grand time.

And it’s Banana Joe (GCH Slyfox Sneak’s A Peek), the Affenpinscher who clearly does not consider himself a small dog. Lots of attitude, with Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect, the Old English Sheepdog as reserve winner (the first time they’ve had a reserve winner at Westminster). They were clearly the crowd’s two favorites and apparently the judge agreed.

And that’s it for another year. Time to give a few biscuits to our kids because they are Best in Show around here!