Strange Self-Portraits

It was a runaround day. Doctor, other doctor’s office, pharmacy, grocery then home, cooking, editing. Somewhere in the course of events, I took a few odd pictures. By odd, I mean strange in the sense of peculiar. This series is a set of self-portraits taken in the lady’s room in one of my doctors’ offices.


Why? Because it seemed impossible to get an interesting or attractive picture and therefore, I had to try.

I was there. It was as unattractive a room as I could imagine. Nothing to recommend it. It’s dullness made it interesting. Looking in the mirror, thinking what a drab, unpleasant room it was, all harsh angles and old semi-gloss paint. I wondered if I could make interesting pictures in that environment.


Ugly industrial fixtures, fluorescent lighting. Dull, faded paint. No architectural features. The room was a box. No shadows, no angles to work with. It doesn’t get less interesting or non-photogenic that this.


The interesting thing? Me, my camera, and what — if anything — I could make of it. As to the results, you may judge for yourself.


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  2. Very creative!!


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