Daily Prompt: Local Flavor: Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

I live in a small town in the middle of a lovely valley. Someone asked me what there is to do around here, which got me to thinking about all the cool things there are do in our town.

Beyond - Benches

I realized this was going to be a very short post.

Here’s the list of cool things to do in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Note: Everything except number 2 are warm weather activities.

  1. Walk the to the middle of town. Watch the water flow over the dam on the Mumford River.
  2. Attend a pancake breakfast at the fire house.
  3. If it’s not winter, go to yard sales. Find bargains. Buy some.
  4. In summer, go to a drive in. Bring lawn chairs. Sit outside and watch a double bill.

That’s it. But the scenery is  really lovely everywhere in all four seasons, so it’s a great place to take walks and photographs. We have a lot of churches. And you can go to orchards, pick your own apples and even cut down your own Christmas tree. Sometimes, you can watch the wild turkeys attack your car. You can’t do that in a big city!


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5 replies

  1. you know, i love New England .. i always feel ‘at home’ there. (except for the jail, of course) and every little small town and street seems to have it’s secret delights. thanks for you nice photos .


    • New England is lovely. It’s not an easy place to live, but it has a special something that makes it worth it. Usually.

      On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 10:52 PM, SERENDIPITY


  2. Ahh, the good and not so good at the same time.


    • Small town are great for little kids … hard on teens especially before they have cars. I guess one must take the good with the bad.


  3. Lovely way to live. There are always books that can take you to somewhere new! I just read an old Facebook post of my youngest. With about 30 of his friends they high fived the local PD for a large gang arrest. Sad young ones are living with this in larger towns.


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