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  1. That tractor is a planting bed and a frog habitat. Environmentally unsound to touch. EPA might come after you. ha ha


    • Oddly, nothing seems to live in it. It’s pretty solid. My husband got it for me as a 10th anniversary present. I really wanted it, not to use, just to have. It’s a 1928 Fordson. I thought it was a cool garden ornament. I guess I have odd taste 🙂


  2. Looks like the Joads’ former home.


  3. I loved your Neighborly posted and Word Pressed a link on my blog. Thanks for the comments on my Desert Island Film guesting on headinavice.com


  4. neglected !??
    as soon as i get my tractor outta there …
    i’ll do a little ‘weeding’.


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