It’s spring and the swans are back on the ponds and have built a nest along the shallow marshy edge. Today, the Canada geese came and tried … and I think succeeded … in driving them out of their nest. I managed to catch some of the action.

The photo was taken using a very long zoom lens at nearly full extension so I couldn’t really see what was going on, but the camera could.

The geese first surrounded the nest, then the battle was on. The mother swan was outnumbered and by the time her mate arrived, it appeared too late to save the nest. In any case, Canada geese are notorious nest stealers and far more aggressive than swans.

My swans were out-gunned. Or maybe out-beaked.

The battle is on, but I do not think it went well for the swan.

The battle is on, but I do not think it went well for the swan.

No humans were involved. This is a battle that has gone on since the beginning of time, bird against bird.

I hope the swans regroup and build a new nest. I would miss them very much if they leave my pond.

Fowl Invasion

10 thoughts on “Fowl Invasion

    • It’s hard not to take sides, but birds do what their nature tells them to do and it’s pointless to impose our morality on them. But I do hope my swans find a new nesting site on the pond. Lazy Canada geese are big time nest stealers and very aggressive, even with (as you see) larger birds.


    • I felt bad for the swans too (her mate eventually joined in the fray, but too late to save the day). There were others watching with me, all asking why the swans weren’t more aggressive in defending their nest. I think it’s the nature of the birds. They do as their DNA tells them to do, but still, I would prefer my swans be able to keep their nest. They’ve been nesting there as long as I can remember … more than a decade.


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