One thing leads to another

Garry and I love “A Little Romance.” I’ve always wondered why it’s shown so rarely. It’s a gem of a movie, one of Hill’s best. The story is charming, the settings are deliciously romantic, Olivier is Olivier — and the two kids will make you nostalgic about being young. This was Diane Lane’s screen début, by the way. If you can, see this one!

Parisian Fields

We both like to listen to Web radio while we work. We were particularly pleased to discover that Radio Classique, which we listen to in Paris (at call number 101.1) is available on the Internet. (Go to the site, click on “En direct” and then choose “Haut débit” or “Bas débit” and it will begin.) The music is enjoyable and you can practise your French comprehension by listening to the news broadcasts or the occasional interview.

We also have Apple computers, which offer umpteen different music streams from the radio available through iTunes. The other day, more or less at random, I chose AAA Classic, which makes up in its imaginative choice of music what it lacks in its pedestrian choice of name. It is a French station, and every so often I had to stop what I was doing to look at the little…

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2 thoughts on “One thing leads to another”

  1. I LOVE this “little” movie. It always makes me smile. I know some say Sir Larry was a little “broad” in this one but he was delightful in my book. The two newcomers were absolutely charming. The music so very, very charming. The supporting cast including Sally Kellerman, David Dukes and Arthur Hill (always a favorite here) are just fine. Broderick Crawford as “himself” is a hoot. George Roy Hill shows he can direct small films as well as the big ones and he pays homage to a couple of his biggest, “The Sting” and “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”. In some ways, this film is kin to “Cinema Paradiso”, a movie for movie fans and a Valentine Day Card for young love.


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