They got one alive!

News !!

Watching the manhunt for the last couple of hours. Surreal. How often do you get a message like this from your electric company?


And finally, it’s over.

The second of the two alleged Boston Marathon bombers has been captured. Alive. How alive? I don’t know but he left by ambulance. Maybe we’ll find out what on God’s green earth motivated these two young men.

10 thoughts on “They got one alive!

  1. It may not have to do with where they are from, more than likely just looking for notoriety.
    Sometimes I think “we”( as an addicted to sensational news society) give too much attention to these sorts of crimes (mass shootings included)


    • I thought of that too. What if there really isn’t a reason except wanting to do something “cool,” like blow people up and then die in a big police shootout? That’s my worst-case scenario because you can screen for terrorists but you can’t do much to protect against random wackos. They don’t look special, they don’t belong to terrorist networks and they might be your neighbor. This was close to home. I used to live around the corner from where the captured this guy.


    • i fully agree that overkill in coverage through mass media contributes mightily to such incidents. in some instances i wish media was much more responsible and aware that their coverage may very well be a cause.


      • I wonder how much it is *really *related? There have been many heinous acts of mass murder long before the invention of gunpowder. Take, for example, good king Richard the Lionhearted. He was given to slaughtering entire villages down to the last baby in the cradle because he had a bad morning. How many Native Americans were slaughtered by American Cavalry? The Old Testament is full of slaughter.

        We’ve been slaughtering, assassinating and generally committing atrocities as long as we’ve been … well … us. I’m not sure I believe the media has anything to do with it. Sometimes we connect dots, but they are aren’t really connected.


        • i believe that the many ‘copy cat’ incidents testify otherwise. it hasn’t been empirically proven, but i’ve always felt there was just cause to suspect so.


          • Maybe. But I want empirical evidence before I assume anything. I have personally connected unrelated events because it was so logical, because the timing screamed cause and effect … with devastating results. In fiction, everything has a cause, there are no coincidences. In real life, many things have no cause and there are plenty of coincidences.

            On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 11:09 PM, SERENDIPITY


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