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  1. I’m up for the night shoot. But we are a bit direction challenged. Worcester is a “challenge” during the day.But we’re no longer working on deadlines so it’ll be an adventure.


  2. You know, this image is just a reminder of how fortunate we are to be photographers, as well as writers. People who see my images are always commenting about my location contributing to the quality of the pictures I shoot. In some cases location is a huge factor in your photographic subject matter, but in most you can find interesting photographic material anywhere.

    Your images of brick buildings with majestic arches brings an immediate response of envy on my part. I wish I lived in an area with the history of the place evident immediately. Then I catch myself in that thought and realize how wrong I am. The Pacific Northwest has a rich heritage all its own. Lumberjacks and the logging industry have left untold treasures to be captured. The Pacific ports are lined with ships & docks & warehouses steeped in history.

    Thank you for reminding me that there’s beauty all around us, if only we look. 🙂 – Bob


    • Funny about that 🙂 Garry’s pictures were taken in our neighboring city. Worcester is small as cities go. I sometimes forget it’s there. We go there very rarely. There isn’t much going on. But we don’t get into Boston much anymore. The few times we do — the last time being when I got the arches picture amongst a very few others — we are always there on some kind of business and trying to get back out before we hit rush hour traffic. It’s not exactly next door, either. 70 miles is not a killer drive, but it’s long enough and between tolls and gasoline, costly. I have a handicapped pass (which I need!) so we usually don’t have to pay for parking, but we aren’t always able to find a spot on the street so factor in another $25 or more for parking. I grabbed maybe 12 pictures last time we were there, shot between the funeral we had just attended and the car. A couple more I took hanging out of the car window while we were stopped at traffic lights.

      We went up to Worcester last week because I really needed something different, visually-speaking. I want to go next time at night. I love cityscape night shooting, but I don’t know how well it will go in Worcester because unlike Boston which is “open” 24/7, Worcester more or less closes up early. Maybe not in the middle of town (which isn’t very big) if there’s an event, it’s open a little later, but otherwise, I think the city is pretty much dark after business hours.

      I never thought I’d miss the city. Mostly, we don’t. Living in the country is quiet and far less stressful than suburbs or city … but I miss restaurants, lights, architecture. We never did much shopping in town because there’s no parking, so we always went out to the suburban malls to shop anyhow but city streets are interesting. Also I’ve taken so many pictures around here, even I can’t tell without looking at the EXIF data what year I took which pictures. But it is beautiful. It’s really beautiful everywhere in one way or another and you are right: you can ALWAYS find pictures if you really look. I find things in my house when I really bother to look.

      Thanks — and I’m having a blast with the NIK filters!


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