6 thoughts on “My hero, now more than ever …

  1. We’ve got a movie wall poster of “the Duke” from “The Searchers”. I love seeing it every day. He is still one of my film heroes.


  2. I’ve always believed in Superman and those briefs times I forgot him, I felt lost. When my sons out grew their Superman and Spider-Man posters, I moved them to my room. Now as adults they asked for them back. Funny how that worked.
    I’m left with one of James Dean.


        • True. I wasn’t thinking about real-life heroes. I was more thinking along the lines of The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Superman, Wonderwoman. The mythical/fictional kind. Sometimes — maybe often these days — a want a break from reality. I feel I’ve had quite enough of real life and would like a nice long vacation from it and me.


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