Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – Springtime Awaits You

SpringAfternoon Waiting

Looking down on the dandelions and the shadows across the sunlit lawn. The season and the sunshine await you, await me. Come out and play!

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  1. This is where “Random Post” brought me. I think I’ll have a seat & chill 🙂


    • I tried using it and discovered all kinds of forgotten goodies. Turns out I’ve been a busy blogger! 1200+ posts. A lot of words and a lot of photographs!

      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 12:59 PM, SERENDIPITY


      • Cool – eh?
        I will have to add one of these gadgets on mine too!


        • It was really easy to do … surprisingly. Rarasaur has a bunch of different buttons and tells you the code you need. You just use the “image” gadget and fill in the blanks. You have to import that button jpg into your media files first so you have a URL for the graphic. The rest is a piece of cake, even for the inept. LIke me 🙂


  2. I’ll bring some whole wheat cherry-dark chocolate scones and some tea. Be there soon.



  3. Those chairs look so inviting.. I’m on my way to join you right now – and to have a cup of that vanilla coffee and a long conversation about whatever takes our fancy but including the good reads to share of course 🙂



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