Solomon’s Seal

solomon's seal 1

One of the very few wildflowers that is truly a native to these shores, Solomon’s Seal is on the endangered list of wildflowers.

They thrive in our woodland garden. There are many more in the woods. We planted just a couple of them along the edge of the woods by our driveway a dozen years ago and they have increased to quite a large patch.

These have not opened yet. I think that will be a couple of days from now, but even when they do, the flowers are as green as the stems on which they grow. I will take more pictures as they bloom. I do dearly love them.

Solomon's Seal 2

10 thoughts on “Solomon’s Seal

  1. Love Solomen’s seal, and also false Solomon’s Seal too–little short flowers that proliferate in the woods. Ar you familiar? I used to collect wildflowers so I could win a ribbon and prize money at our local horticultural show.


    • Do you mean Indian Pipe? The names of these woodland plants are regional, so I think what you are calling false Solomon’s Seal was Indian Pipe in New York.


      • Indian pipe is a fuzzy white plant with a head, sort of pipelike. What I am talking about is a short plant about 3 or 4 inches tall, a single stalk with small white flowers coming off it, and pointed oval leaves. They grew in clumps, sort of like Lilly of the Valley.


        • Jack in the pulpit, or that’s what it sound like. Although Jack in the Pulpit is a green flower. I wish I had a books with decent pictures. I have lots of bird books, but the wildflower books don’t have really great illustration. Frustrating.


          • I know what Jack looks like and this is not that. False Solomon Seal was what the wildflower book called it. I know because I used to submit 50 wildflowers every year to win the prize for that in the local horticultural show where I grew up. The prizes were cash, so a great incentive to one who had few ways to earn.


  2. Beautiful !

    We’ve finally got some action in our garden – crocusses, tulips, poppys, daffodills …. (;pardon my spelling) are all venturing toward the sun.

    Gotta hang my hummingbird feeder up.

    Happy Spring !


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