Three Bad Men John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond by Scott Allen Nollen

Another review of what sounds like a great book. We just got the book and haven’t had a chance to actually read it yet.

Mikes Film Talk


Growing up all three of these men were an integral part of my childhood. Specifically John “Pappy” Ford in the cinemas and of course John Wayne ‘Duke’ and Ward Bond as well, but Mr Bond had the added distinction of being in my folks’ living rooms each week as Major Seth Adams, in Wagon Train.

Of course, I saw all the films and television shows long after they were initially made. The films, I saw on Saturday night at the movies (usually accompanied by a huge bowl of popcorn and a tall ice filled glass of Coca-Cola) and the Wagon Train episodes I watched were the newer ones with John McIntire with the occasional re-run with Ward Bond in. Come to think of it, the McIntire ones were probably re-runs as well.

I do remember with perfect clarity that my family adored the John Wayne film Rio Bravo…

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4 thoughts on “Three Bad Men John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond by Scott Allen Nollen

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  1. Well, couldn’t find a place to comment before, so I just “liked” as a blogger. Thanks for spreading the news about this super book. Appreciate it greatly, and I am passing it on to Scott and McFarland. KEITH


    • You’re welcome:-) This is from our friend Mike Smith, an American living in London. Has a film blog, “Mike’s Film Talk.” I sent him to you. I guess he liked you 🙂


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